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Choosing a battery manager for android-devices: Avast Battery Saver (Avast Software) and Dorado Battery Master (Dorado Security Group) –

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Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.0.3 or higher

6 MB

Application Version

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Main functions:

  • The profiles are activated automatically depending on the location, time and battery level;

  • The “Consumption of application” can detect and stop programs that consume the most energy;

  • The app accurately calculates remaining to complete discharge of the battery based on an analysis of the current use of the device. The status bar battery indicator is visible.

What’s new in version 1.4.1306:

  • Fixed bugs and fixes applied.


The history of the use of devices and applications:

  • Getting data about running applications.


  • The exact location (network-based signals and GPS);

  • The approximate location (network-based).


  • Get the data on the status of the phone.

Photo / multimedia / files:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on USB-drive.


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on USB-drive.

The data on Wi-Fi-connected:

  • View Connection Wi-Fi.

The device ID and call information:

  • Get the data on the status of the phone.


  • Connect to service accessibility;

  • update component usage statistics;

  • Changing the system;

  • Prevent switching device to sleep mode;

  • Run the device is switched;

  • Connect / disconnect network Wi-Fi;

  • View network connections;

  • Changing the network settings;

  • Unlimited Internet access;

  • Communication with devices Bluetooth;

  • Access to settings for Bluetooth;

  • Manage vibrate function;

  • Access to data on the use of the battery;

  • Display of interface elements on top of other windows;

  • The calculation of the amount of memory the application;

  • View settings synchronization;

  • Enable / disable synchronization.

The first impression

At the beginning of Avast Battery Saver boasts of his abilities and then we transferred to the main screen, which pleases minimalism. There are no schedules, heaps of buttons as it was at the Battery Doctor, there are only the battery icon, display the flow in real time and the choice of saving modes.

188x300 16 KB. Big one: 800x1280 76 KB  188x300 9 KB. Big one: 800x1280 53 KB

In the upper right corner there is a traditional three points. You can completely disable the application, that sometimes it is necessary. In addition, the possibility to display / hide icons and notifications of charge hungry programs at a certain percentage of the battery charge.

Yes, indeed, a good thing that saves you from various “pilikany” icon and overloading the status bar.

188x300 12 KB. Big one: 800x1280 72 KB  188x300 20 KB. Big one: 800x1280 98 KB

Rounding setting such modest list of recommended applications (including not only the garbage), and the classic button” About “.

188x300 66 KB. Big one: 800x1280 476 KB

As for the profiles, there are two modes – automatic and manual, each of which has its own settings that can be changed.

More information about this will be discussed during testing, as long as we turn to the widget. The latter allows you to quickly stop the program in the background, that is before us a kind of button “Optimize”, like DU Battery Saver .

188x300 9 KB. Big one: 800x1280 54 KB  188x300 12 KB. Big one: 800x1280 57 KB

We have before us a sort of anti-virus application that is simple to manage and reasonable minimalism in functions. It remains only to check all this in action.


The rest Avast Battery Saver consumes moderate for such a program, 76.3 MB of RAM with zero CPU load, but too early to rejoice – if further testing things can change.

At the same time manager of the battery is only the fourth version of the operating system Android, which at the moment is not so terrible (it is still the most popular mobile operating system). Shestimegabaytny distribution expands to moderate 14.87 MB and the resolution afflict only need to determine the location. What is it for the program, we shall understand below.

188x300 21 KB. Big one: 800x1280 233 KB

Let’s start by checking saving modes. Automatic mode is based on the level of the charge and received five presets – at home, at work, at best, night and special. The latter mode can be set to a certain percentage of the battery charge.

In addition, like other managers, it is possible to disable the networks, signal synchronization, auto rotate screen vibration. Of the features – an opportunity not to turn off the network if the music is playing, which is useful for streaming.

188x300 14 KB. Big one: 800x1280 87 KB  188x300 12 KB. Big one: 800x1280 57 KB

Manual requires these manual steps – themselves included” night “and disable it yourself in the morning. By the way, it can work on a schedule that distinguishes night mode from the other. However, it can be used during the day, if your lifestyle is clearly painted. Here everything works like clockwork and there are no bugs and false positives I spent three days did not notice.

188x300 9 KB. Big one: 800x1280 51 KB  188x300 12 KB. Big one: 800x1280 57 KB

But the function” Smart charging “is not that I am personally not very upset, because it uses a different program (DU Battery Saver). But, basically, it is a pity that this feature is not added, even if its real effectiveness is not proven.

188x300 25 KB. Big one: 800x1280 154 KB  188x300 12 KB. Big one: 800x1280 57 KB

Among the other features of the program is worth noting,” The consumption of applications “, which can not be called adequate, because the actual data is significantly underestimated. The costs of Avast Battery Saver in it, that resembles a “trick» Battery Doctor.

Now, compare the performance of the program with the data DU Battery Saver.

188x300 25 KB. Big one: 800x1280 154 KB

The latter shows a more or less truthful information on the results Avast decision which eats (so far) less than all the programs I tested – only 0.2%!

188x300 37 KB. Big one: 800x1280 223 KB

This is a reasonably small increase resource consumption during intensive use manager . RAM consumption increased to 86.7 MB, at least CPU and tensed up 0.2%. As for the traffic, at all about all it took 1.1 MB (viewing recommended application).

And that’s why GPS program remained a mystery, if we forget about the fact that it simply turns off if necessary. The developers explain it this way: «Smart profiles and automatic adjustment feature optimizes power consumption based on the time of day and location. Avast Battery Saver offers optimal profiles for your phone ». Why all this, if you can just synchronize the clocks correctly?

188x300 34 KB. Big one: 800x1280 214 KB  188x300 21 KB. Big one: 800x1280 233 KB


If you drop the” minor “quibbles like positioning and a lack of features intelligent charging, the Avast Battery Saver really efficient application that is easily configurable and operated. In addition, it uses a tiny amount of resources and it can be recommended for routine use.

However, it was not without a spoon of tar – integrated application manager hopelessly exaggerating, and thus “optimization” will not work correctly. But who needs this primitive widget thinking for you? By the way, the temperature control is not provided, as well as the history of the load on the battery, so gikam this program will be of little interest.

Evaluation: 4.5 on a scale.

Good (reasonable minimalism)

The ability to self-configure
Good (clear and simple settings)

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0.0-0.2% / 76 -86 MB

1.1 MB / 40 minutes

Battery consumption (measured using a third-party program of intensive use)
0.2-0.6 % / 40 minutes

Ease of use

No departures and bugs

Efficiency (real saving battery)

Intelligent Charging

Application Manager

Control with a single key
Yes (widget)

Temperature Control Battery

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