Thursday, January 14, 2016

Google+ for Android 7.0 will bring more user-friendly search and home screen – (press release) (Register)

Still, not all smart phones got Android 6.0 , but some programs are already preparing to work with Android 7.0 . So, a brilliant new version of the application Google + will be the first that will support the new system.

But instead of this one outstanding feature at the Google + and 7.0 have a number of minor changes that should improve the user experience, if you are a casual or regular user of social network Google .

According to the Luke Wroblewski ( Luke Wroblewski) from Google , the search bar is now displayed autocomplete suggestions as you type, and stream your home remember its position when you return to your application. The lower button bar and the tab actions now automatically hides when you scroll. In addition, you will also see a hint for collections and communities, if you do not have any of them in your profile. This is the basic attention to detail in the Google + .

In addition, Wroblewski said Google has corrected 69 errors in the program and decided 14 accessibility issues. A new application is only preparing to be released in Play Store , but you can get it now from the APK Mirror.

But while the sense to use a new program is not as basic software on most gadgets I have not yet had time to catch up with the developers of the Google .

Author: Stepan Mazur

The original photo: pcworld


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