Friday, January 15, 2016

Disclosed release date Android 7.0 – Russian newspaper

The announcement of the seventh version of Android, is likely to take place on 18 May this year, and the venue will be the complex Shoreline Amphitheatre (Shoreline Amphitheatre), located near the headquarters apartments Google’s Mountain View, Calif.

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The date of the conference Google I / O, which traditionally announces new version of Android, has published in its official blog Sundar Pichai, head on the products and at the same time curator Android.

More information about the event, he promised to provide later.

The new version of the mobile platform Google will include new features, bug fixes and increased stability. At the same time the most popular modification on Android today is Kitkat 4.4, on the basis of which employs more than 35 percent of smartphones and tablets. The fifth version called Lollipop runs on 33 percent of devices, and the latest Marshmallow – a mere one percent of devices.


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