Friday, January 29, 2016

Google on Android smartphones teach better see the world –

Google Inc. is planning to implement for Android smartphones improved system of image recognition. To this end, the company teamed up with the chip manufacturer Movidius, transfers portal The Verge.

Google and Movidius will place a chip in smartphones Movidius MA2450, to cell phones can recognize, for example, people’s faces or street signs in real time. This method will provide an alternative to similar systems that require users to upload photos to cloud services for the identification procedure.

The authors hope that their technology will both improve security, using the technique of face recognition, and make life easier for the people with disabilities.

The exact date of the appearance of smart phones with the chip Movidius is unknown, but the company says that the sale of such devices will arrive in the “not too distant future».

In January 2015, Google has released an updated version of the application interpreter Google Translate. The program added function of Word Lens. It translates in real time to the user street signs, billboards, menus and other text when he brings them a smartphone camera. Word Lens is available for 36 languages.


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