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Five applications to be removed from the Android right now – bigmir) net

If the phone or tablet, and hinder quick sit down – it is not a technique, and extra applications. Read, no application is better to do.

Facebook and other social networks

Social networking site Facebook is now the most popular in the world, so it is not surprising that the corresponding mobile application is installed at the vast number of users. The mobile client allows you to receive notifications of new husky, post pictures of their food and stay in touch with friends. However, instead of this application consumes a huge amount of system resources and significantly reduces the life of the mobile gadget from the battery. According to the annual report of AVG Android App Report, namely mobile Facebook client occupies the top line in the hit parade of the most voracious software platform Android.

Alternative. Use mobile version of Facebook in any modern browser. Functionality differs slightly, but there are no annoying notifications and rapidly dwindling battery.

The Weather Channel and other weather applications

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The Weather Channel – an excellent example of how at a very simple function – Display forecast Weather – developers manage to build a megakombayn. Here you will see and animated wallpapers, and weather patterns, and a bouquet of interactive widgets, and God knows what else. All this stuff is sitting in RAM, every five minutes, knocking on the Internet and, of course, shamelessly eats up your battery.

Alternative. Look out the window – you will get a much more reliable information than what shows the desktop widget. If you need a forecast, Google will provide you with the most reliable prediction for the week ahead.

AntiVirus FREE and other anti-virus software

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The debate about whether antivirus software on devices running Android, sometimes quite hot. I am of the opinion that if you do not get a root-rights on the device and do not install cracked software from third-party sources of doubt, then you do not need antivirus software. Google has vigilantly monitors the contents of his store and immediately remove from it all potentially dangerous elements, so it is always active monitoring of the antivirus will only be in vain to slow down your phone or tablet.

Alternative. If there are still doubts about the health of the gadget, install anti-virus scan, and then delete it.

Clean Master and other optimizers system

Believing in miracles is the main driving force for the spread of different “cleaner” and “SEO”. They say hundreds of the best programmers Google is not able to bring your system up to the mind, but the inventor of the single went and did! We hasten to upset you: most of these applications, or do nothing at all, or only cause harm. Clear the cache, remove the remnants of the old programs can be built, and system tools. Clearing the memory actually only slow startup programs and job creators of the Android tools instead of the promised acceleration of the system.

Alternative. Use the tools available on the Android application to clear the cache. Forget about optimizing memory.

‘default browser

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Some of the manufacturers and developers of third-party firmware provided with your creations with special browser versions. As a rule, they firmly sewn links to advertisers’ websites and other unwanted content to you. Besides, no one can guarantee that a browser does not drain your information to the left. It is best never to use such a program, and in general, if it is possible to remove it from the system.

Alternative. For Android, there are dozens of good browsers, but the most reliable and fastest is undoubtedly, Google Chrome. It is functional, offers support for the latest Web technologies, is able to save your mobile traffic and has a simple and intuitive interface.

See also a video on how to disable unnecessary applications on Android:


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