Sunday, January 31, 2016

Every twentieth Android-powered device hacked – Computer Information Portal

Many users and experts believe that the mobile platform Apple iOS is safer than Android. Also consider and experts from Duo Security. According to their studies, only one out of ten Android-devices in the companies and enterprises preset encryption that compromise their data.

In addition, every third device does not use the code on the lock screen, allowing you to easily access to them. For comparison, among ayfonov password is used on one device of the twenty. Every twentieth Android-powered device, which users use at work, rutirovano, and among devices iPhone hacked, only one out of 250.

The main problem continues to be fragmented ecosystem of Android, because many manufacturers and network operators is not too quickly update the device or not updated at all.

Duo Security counted 20% devices to version Android 5.1.1, almost three times more than 6.0. For comparison, Apple almost half of smartphone iPhone running on iOS 9.2. 32% of owners of Android devices are running a version 4.x, where there are two vulnerabilities Stagefright, Google finally closed recently. 9 out of 10 Android-devices are not immune to this global vulnerability that makes them not very attractive to the working environment and storage of important information. Devices iPhone on enterprises in half more popular than Android.


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