Friday, January 22, 2016

Gains by Android declassified against the wishes of Google –

Huge revenue from Android

During the entire existence, that is a little more than seven years, the Android operating system has brought its issuing of Google revenue $ 31 billion and $ 22 billion in profits. These figures were presented in court lawyer Oracle. This corporation is suing Google, accusing it of copyright infringement in Java.

privacy violations

The above amounts have been calculated on the basis of values ​​obtained from Oracle confidential financial documents Google. Google Inc. itself is never revealed these values ​​and learning that the lawyer Oracle announced them publicly demanded that the Court impose on the information prohibitive measures. The corporation explained that the disclosed data are of great importance to her and were intended “exclusively for Eye lawyer».

«Google has never published volumes of proceeds and profits from the Android apart from the overall financial results. This is confidential information, and its public disclosure could cause substantial negative impact to business Google », – said in the address Google’s court.

Motives Oracle

Oracle has sought to show that Google used the Java language a rush to as soon as possible to profit from the new initiative. The corporation insists that the search giant must pay her compensation proportional obtained by Android profit. “Here there is a huge commercial benefit”, – said the lawyer Oracle Annette Hurst (Annette Hurst).

earnings with Android

The idea of ​​creating an operating system for mobile phones, which would be able to compete with Symbian and Windows Mobile, born from the founders of the Californian company Android, one of which is Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin). In 2005, two years after the founding of Android, a startup has been acquired by Google, and Rubin spearheaded the creation of the new operating system.

Oracle revealed how Google earned on Android for seven years

The code of Android is released under an open source license that is free of any manufacturer can install it on their devices. However, the greatest value of the platform is only if the app store Google Play, containing millions of programs. Under the terms of Google, if the manufacturer wants to install Google Play installed on the device, it is obliged to put all the other applications Google. It is beneficial to the corporation, because the more it costs the application on mobile devices, the owners of these devices are more likely to use services of Google. Accordingly, increasing the frequency of your ad, clicks on it, and the company no longer receives from advertisers.

Advertising – one of two ways to make a profit with Android. Second – is the sale of applications via the same Google Play. The Corporation receives 30% from the sale of each third party application, and only 70% giving developers. This is a standard scheme of work, which is valid in all other similar stores, including the App Store from Apple. It also follows that the larger Android-devices, so it is advantageous to Google.

More information

The lawsuit between Oracle and Google is not the first year, and in 2012, some internal numbers Google has been disclosed as part of the case between the two companies. Then it turned out that the revenue from Android in 2009 amounted to $ 16.8 million. Of these, $ 15.7 million – with ads that Google places in applications and $ 1.1 million – from the sale of the applications themselves. In 2010, Google’s revenue from the platform have increased significantly, but the report provided information only for the first five months. During this time, the income from the Android totaled $ 132.1 million, including $ 26.8 million from advertising and $ 1.6 million from the application. Another $ 103.7 million the company earned from the smartphone Nexus One, to the sales of which in January of the same year, started their own.


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