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Tools of the month. Top Android-application of February – BBC News

February – the shortest month, but over the 28 days of developers Android-application failed to release a lot of useful and interesting programs. Vesti.Hi-tech selected the best news of the month – from mobile to replace PowerPoint tool that turns a boring post in the modern messenger.

iA Writer

In Google Play finally have long been a favorite iOS users text editor iA Writer. The program allows you to create and edit simple text files, storing them in a memory device, and connect the account in the “cloud” Dropbox and work with files from there.

iA Writer of principle (“so as not to distract you from the main thing – writing text”) does not allow to change the font of the text or visual design. In this case, the formatting is available via Markdown-marking, allowing then convert the file to a PC ready for publication in a blog or a HTML-code different format.

The interface becomes a little richer when you turn a smartphone or tablet in landscape orientation – there are dedicated buttons” undo “and” return ” key for “regime of attention” Focus Mode – when the whole text except the currently editing the proposal is whitish. The program is ideal for those who are engaged in creative work.

Learn more about the program can be from our review.

The text editor is available for download from Google Play for 227 rubles.


More One popular on iOS app that in February finally got to Android. The program is designed for creating presentations on the move literally and demonstration to other users.

Prezi has its own “cloud “service that povolyaet work on presentations from different devices. You can also remotely broadcast their presentations on 30 different devices (both iOS, as well as on Android).

The application is available for free download on Google Play.

YouTube Kids

The new app from Google will help parents to take their children’s entertainment and educational rollers, without fear that they stumble upon adult content. The application has a bright and simple design with enhanced video and screenshots of the navigation buttons, which aims to help children self-study video on their interesting topics. Using voice search to find something new to be able to even those little people who still do not know how to write (or rather, typing on a tablet or smartphone).

Content for YouTube Kids specially selected and contains both recreational and training videos that are suitable for children. Browse the directory of channels and playlists can be in four categories – TV Shows, Music, Education and Research. Parents receive opportunities to monitor children’s use of applications – from the timers are set to hand a limited range of available videos.

The application so far available only to holders of American account on Google Play. However, on the Internet you can easily find and install apk-file.


The new Android-app will help save a lot of time when transferring text and links with Windows-based computer to Android-smartphone. Shared Clipboard works very simply. The user is only required to “connect” devices to each other by setting the client Alt-with a computer and a telephone. end synchronization.

In order to instantly move a piece of text from PC to Android-gadget, select it and click the familiar key combination Ctrl + C. Information is immediately copied to the clipboard of the second device. The reverse process is also simple: select and copy text on Android-smartphone, then insert it from the list by pressing Alt + V on Windows-based computer.

Both devices” remember “the information you previously transferred. In memory they can hold up to 50 items. Also, do not need to start a queue account to use the Alt-C. However, log into your Google-account you still have, as implemented by the exchange of text service Google Cloud Messaging.

The application is available for free download in Google Play, the client computer can be downloaded here.

New services IFTTT

Service IFTTT released a set of applications for smartphones under the brand Do, designed to simplify the configuration of synchronization between different Web services and devices. The kit includes three programs at once: Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. They IFTTT basic functions performed in a visual form.

Do Button is used to convert the routine actions in labels that can be placed on screen Android-based device or “iPhone”. Program, for example, allows you to make sure that every time you press the button Do your current location is stored in tables Google Drive. Then the GPS-coordinates can be viewed on your computer. Do Botton also allows you to set a comfortable temperature on the thermostat Nest status or put “do not disturb” on the calendar for the next hour.

Applications Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note available for free download on Google Play.


improved in February and the position of Moscow motorists – it will greatly assist application Yandeks.Parkovki. The service is designed to quickly locate and select the payment of parking space. The program can show the occupancy of parking online.

The program is inscribed in the application infrastructure from “Yandex”. So, on the “Maps” you can see all the next parking lot, and in the “Navigator” to construct the optimal route to the selected parking. With the help of “Yandex”, the user can quickly pay for parking with their cards, mobile phone account or electronic wallet.

The program can issue preduzhdenie that the paid parking time machine ends. The program is able to remember the place where you left the car in case you lose it. Every 10-15 minutes service updates the busiest municipal and commercial parking lots. There is information about the cost, hours of operation and other important factors.

The program is available for free download on Google Play.


Often there is a need to quickly discuss something with someone by e-mail, but this tool is likely to turn around and leisurely communication. The new program Hop turn your email account into a full messenger.

The application supports group chats, personal notice, sending attachments via Dropbox and other “chips”. Previously the service was only available for iOS, but this month, developers finally brought him and Android.

The program is available for free download on Google Play.


This application has already managed to make some noise on iOS – and here’s a few months later, the dream of every student goes on Android. Service is able to solve most mathematical problems, just move on her smartphone camera. What is important, it is not simply issues a ready answer, but a step by step solution.

Handwriting new application does not recognize, but almost any of the equations printed in the textbook is recognized and will be solved easily. The main thing – the children perceived the program as an assistant in the school, rather than as a universal reshebnik.

The program is available for free download on Google Play.


Instant 2.0

The application Instant radically transformed, obnavivshis to the second version . Service has become much more functional, the program now provides useful statistics on the use of Android. The counter keeps track of almost everything that you want – how much time you have given a particular program, how many times unlock the smartphone, as long sat at a meeting, etc.

From the unique Instant 2.0 distinguishes integration with Google Fit – a platform for developers, which gathers together all the information on the activity of man: how he walked, ran, rode a bike, etc. Instant can calculate, for example, how much time you sat behind the wheel of a car or doing exercise, as long corresponded to Facebook or talked on the phone / Skype, how many steps did the whole day.

If you find that you go in “VKontakte” too often, the program will help protect from overuse social network by setting a limit on the number of visits. In case of exceeding the daily limit Instant will display a reminder or notice.

The application is available for free download in Google Play


It turned out in February and a major upgrade messenger Pavel Durov Telegram . In the program there was a full-fledged image editor that allows you to quickly improve images before sending. In appearance it is almost the same with the one that is implemented in Instagram, except that there is no filter. Users can crop photos, adjust saturation, contrast, temperature, sharpness, blur, and other characteristics of the image. There is also a slider to “do good”, enhance your photos in automatic mode.

Also, the user can now set password to log into the application. There are two options: you can create a simple four-digit password, or a full – length, using letters, numbers and other symbols. There is also a customizable self-locking applications. If the program is running, but idle, the user can make sure that it asks for a password to continue a minute, five minutes, an hour or five hours. After several attempts to enter the wrong password, the application will be blocked for a moment that you will remember the correct code.

The application is available for free download on Google Play.


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