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Classic adventure game Syberia 2 came out on Android – 3DNews

In the digital store Google Play, the release of Syberia 2 – the second part of the cult adventure Novels created by Belgian artist-comic artists and game designer Benoit Sokal (Benoît Sokal) and Paris studio Microids. The game can be purchased for 314.5 rubles. (€ 4,99 / $ 4,99).

Set Syberia 2 will be able to all owners of devices with Google OS 4.0 or later. This game requires 1.3 GB of free space on the information carrier. Android-version is currently only available in English and in French, but in the future the Russian publisher of the series, the company “Buka” may release a localized version.

For the first time Syberia 2 was released for Windows in March 2004, and in the autumn of the same year reached the Xbox and PlayStation 2. In the continuation of the famous game in New York lawyer Kate Walker and her eccentric companion Hans Vorarlberg travel in search of a mysterious island Siberia Amenities mammoths. As in the first part, the second player controls a hero, collect items and solve puzzles with the help of the traditional scheme of point-and-click. At the time, the game was warmly received by the press (its average score on the aggregator Metacritic – 80/100), while some journalists have criticized it for short duration and “one-off».

In the original Syberia is also possible to play on mobile devices , not only on Android-, but also on the iOS-devices. It was released in Google Play September 19, 2014 at a price of 99 rubles. ($ 1,99 / € 1,99). The game supports Android is not older than version 3.0, and occupies 738 MB on the media. 4 December of the same year the first part of the series appeared in iTunes. iOS-version is distributed at a price of 119 rubles. ($ 4,99 / € 4,99) and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with OS 7.0 or later. Syberia is available in Russian on devices Google, and on smartphones and tablets Apple.

As you know, the finale of the second part contains a hint of a sequel, but in an interview in 2008 Benoit Sokal said that the series will never be a trilogy. April Fools announcement Syberia 3 c cooperative cross-platform for PC and PlayStation 3, made at the following year, however, was only partly raffle – Microids actually intended to start developing the third game. However, due to lack of funding work on the project began only a few years thanks to the company Ahuman Interactive, the studio has bought Microids in 2010.

During the exhibition Gamescom 2014 show creators first screenshots Syberia 3 and called the indicative date for its release – 2015. In October of the same year, the authors presented two minor characters in the game. In this February release date has once again changed: speaking at the event, White Nights: Mobile Game Conference 2015 in St. Petersburg, Sokal announced that Syberia 3 will be released no earlier than the last quarter of 2016. The game will be released for the PC (Windows, Mac), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as for mobile devices running iOS and Android.


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