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All innovations Android 5.1 –

All innovations Android 5.1 –

 Android Lollipop

Get away! Android 5.1 is destroying all obstacles in its path, but wanting to get under the hot hand Google will be a lot, because who does not want to get the latest version of Android? Together with his parish, in addition to the joy of consumers, Google has brought in a lot of interesting pieces, which we are reviewing today. Full list of changes is about 15 thousand lines, so do not think that two or three relatively significant improvement will be a negative evaluation of the team of programmers, because in addition to improvements in the written description of the upgrade, there are a ton of other, less important, that gives a total noticeable results associated with the operation of the system more nimble, less likely to “departure” the application and restart the device.

By the way, Android 5.1 was released almost simultaneously with the release of iOS 8.2, many think – a coincidence. No. Marketers such a large company is still not fools, the same applies to Apple, which at the time of the announcement Galaxy S6 produces beta systems for their products, each of them NAROCH spoil a party to each other.

Android 5.1 was not the Such large-scale, on the differences between 4.4.4 and 5.0, you will not see significant changes in the interface, basically everything will affect only the functionality and optimization of code. Priorities have changed, if iOS with the release of each new update gets more and more bugs – iOS 8.2 is also a concern – that in the case of Android Google makes every effort to optimize its work, and she is out.

The main changes that have touched new version became:

More animations


I am not a supporter of excessive amounts of animation that 5.0 is really too much, but fans alike will be glad when he heard the following: curtain with fast setting is changed, icons now have new animations: “We want more animations!” – “Hold!”. Interestingly, when the company is still so stop experimenting in this area? Of course, it is interesting, but not overdo it. Also now when you press the Wi-Fi icon in front of you slip out the list – right in the curtain – where you can quickly choose you are interested in the network, the same improvement touched and Bluetooth.

Support two SIM cards

 z3 dual

With the release of 5.1 Android smartphone received support from two SIM cards. In other words, now the manufacturers will not have to develop their own software, which enables you to switch from one SIM card to another, Google has done for you. A particularly useful feature would be for small Chinese manufacturers that do not have sufficient resources to develop their own software.

Protect the device from children

& # x414; & # x435; & # x442; & # x438; & # x441; & # x442; & # x435; & # x43B; & # x435; & # x444; & # x43E; & # x43D; & # x430 ; & # x43C; & # x438;

According to our colleagues from androidcentral , was significantly improved treatment of sticking the screen that will protect your data against friends or kids that you trust the device. Now mode can be activated by going to Settings – Security, then you will see a window where you can enable the lock off sticking by requiring a numerical or graphical password; also when you first start the program will teach you the basic action, a kind of “tutorial».

Protect yourself from theft

 & # x432; & # x43E; & # x440; & # x44B;

While in earlier builds of Android 5.1 has no support for a new protection that is that the device will be locked up as long as the attacker does not go into your account; will not help even a full reset. And here’s how they decided to protect themselves from firmware – is unclear. In any case, Android – an open system, which crack is not difficult any hacker.


Now, while watching movies or listening to music, you can select the operating mode notification by clicking on the icon bell , many worried that moment, so we decided to provide it with a separate area.

Other minor changes

New animation in the application of hours:

The software navigation buttons now not hang , or rather, does not hang animation clicks.


swipe up notification allows you to hide it on the screen unlocked, at the same time hiding it in a curtain notifications. Now, swipe up to hide it only locked screen , leaving it in a curtain, completely hiding the notification swipe left / right.

A new kind of icons absence of a SIM card :


NuPlayer – new strimingovyh player, replaced AwesomePlayer, is more energy efficient.

And Of course, the most important improvement – fixed the problem with filling memory , of which many have written.

List all the changes in the update (15,000 lines).


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