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A look at Android 5.1: speed, security and innovation – 3DNews

A look at Android 5.1: speed, security and innovation – 3DNews

Four months after the launch of Android 5.0, Google introduced the second version of Lollipop – Android 5.1. Although it is not a major update, but still brings some significant changes in addition to small improvements and modifications. The main plus – the new version is faster, at least on planshetofone Nexus 6. The latter was tested Anandtech staff before and after the update.

Platform Android 5.1, as noted by journalists freed Nexus 6 on many performance problems. Before updating Nexus 6 is slow to start applications and switch tasks than older Nexus 5. On Android 5.1 newer device works much faster and is consistent with Nexus 5 on these indicators.

Testing shows that the random read performance and writing on the Nexus 6 fundamentally improved: reading accelerated in 2 times, and record – in an impressive nine times. Equally fundamental growth rate on the Nexus 5 is not seen – apparently this is due to the fact that data on the Nexus 6 encrypted and tested on Nexus 5 – no (standard).

Android 5.1 brings a large increase in random read and write speeds on the Nexus 6, but also on the Nexus 5 is also noticeable improvements

According to the well-known third-party Android kernel Francisco Franco (Francisco Franco), Google is now using NEON instructions for faster encryption Nexus 6. Performance can be further enhanced with hardware encryption acceleration, but Nexus 6 it is still there, although Google is experimenting with this possibility in the Android Open Source Project.

Speed ​​Serial reading and writing remained the same – that is the big games will be downloaded as long as Android 5.0

Google has also changed the principles of the CPU in the Nexus 6. If Android 5.0 while waiting for the screen with the included dual core CPU disconnected planshetofona, the Android 5.1 all 4 cores are constantly working. In theory, this could lead to a decrease in battery life, but the drop will be negligible, since most of the energy consumed screen smart phone, not the CPU without load. But should improve the responsiveness of the device

The graph shows that during downtime Android 5.0 disables the CPU -kernel 3 and 4, while Android 5.1 leaves them in readiness to load

Device Protection – new and very useful safety function Android 5.1. Google mobile platform for many years has security features such as location tracking devices, remote lock and reset the device, as well as lock screen. Device Protection allows you to lock the device remotely, but also does not allow to reset the device without entering the old password and user name.

New Screen Device Protection appears during configuration

Device Protection is not included by the user – the function is activated automatically when you install the lock screen with password or a combination thereof. The protection can be enabled remotely via Android Device Manager. After resetting the phone protected while installing a new screen will appear with the requirement to enter the same email address and password account – an account without access to the machine will not. It is not clear whether receive support older devices Device Protection. All new devices with Android 5.1 will support this feature, but the devices that will be updated, can not get such a function. For example, Nexus and Nexus 6 9 support Device Protection, but the Nexus 5 – do not.

When you reset the device Device Protection feature requires you to enter your login credentials to prove that the device is not stolen

In Android 5.1 has also been a lot of changes in the interface, which can be found in the reduced gallery. Improvements have been notified and adjust the volume – the whole operating system began to look much more seamless. In addition, Android 5.1 brings support for two SIM-cards (formerly manufacturers add their own management utilities SIM-cards) and HD-voice communication on some operators. Android 5.1 – is a minor update akin to 4.2 or 4.3, but it brings important innovations and solves some significant problems.


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