Sunday, March 1, 2015

Choosing organizer for android-devices: Habitizer, Glextor AppManager and Game Organizer –

Easy control and navigation

The ability to self-configure


The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0.1% / 71.1 MB

Working with cloud storage

Synchronize with Google calendar and Internet services

Long-term planning

Send notes via wireless network


The stability of the application


Getting Started

First, we propose to accept the license agreement that capacious enough for mobile applications. What’s this? Apparently, the program is so serious, just take these obligations, or simply show themselves as such.

225x300 48 KB. Big one: 768x1024 297 KB

Next, we were met by a nice interface dvuhokonny in bright colors. Catches the eye three tiles, which offer to take the test, select the habit from the list or create your own habit. To be honest, curious to do it at least for the sake of interest.

On the left side of the screen is a menu where you can find such interesting items as motivators rates and archive.

225x300 21 KB. Big one: 768x1024 86 KB

In the right part of the screen there is a button «Healthy habits» that is literally on the Russian “Healthy Habits”. She opens a few items, but rather the database program: women, business and paid version of an extensive database of healthy habits.

We will focus on the basic version, but if the program is really interesting, in the future, consider these “edishiny» more. However, before proceeding to the test, take a look at the settings.

225x300 19 KB. Big one: 768x1024 84 KB  225x300 23 KB. Big one: 768x1024 99 KB


Settings terse, but for such a program unnecessary bells and whistles are not necessary, so this can be attributed to the pluses. In addition to the parameters we do not score anything extra that you can do when working with the program as it was, for example, in aCalendar.

225x300 27 KB. Big one: 768x1024 117 KB

The first line is traditionally invited to version Pro. At the time of this writing, it is a pleasure worth 481.10 rubles, and when you consider that for each database are asked to 190.82 rubles, the price tag is not bad – about 960 rubles.

225x300 26 KB. Big one: 768x1024 122 KB

Here we propose to include notification and set the their time and tune. Next, choose the number of habits that will be stored in the archive. We set the maximum value, that is, 100.

225x300 22 KB. Big one: 768x1024 98 KB

For lovers of classic decorations has three themes: light , dark and light with a dark bar active.

225x300 23 KB. Big one: 768x1024 109 KB

But the following option is much more interesting. You may like to export and import data applications on SD-card.

225x300 23 KB. Big one: 768x1024 111 KB  225x300 27 KB. Big one: 768x1024 117 KB

In addition, their achievements can be shared through social networks (Facebook, VKontakte), and send an e-mail. However, this step is twofold. As practice shows android-testing applications, leaving your data, you will receive a newsletter or an offer to buy an additional database.

225x300 27 KB. Big one: 768x1024 118 KB  225x300 23 KB. Big one: 768x1024 87 KB

completes the tips of the day (premium version) and software version. Without the advice we’ll manage somehow, and therefore move on to testing.

225x300 32 KB. Big one: 768x1024 140 KB


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