Thursday, March 5, 2015

Google will launch Android Pay – Sotovik

Finally, it will be possible to abandon plastic bank cards.

Branch vengeance rushed towards mobile payment systems: Apple continues to develop Pay, Samsung recently announced the same name of the service, and now joined by promising initiative and Google. Let us explain: we are talking about the technologies that make smartphone wallet with bank cards.

Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of products at Google, who arrived at the Mobile World Congress 2015, said that his company intends to enrich the mobile operating Android system to support mobile payments. If the novelty (let’s call it Android Pay) will be integrated directly into the source code of Android Open Source Project, it will start to spread around the world like wildfire.

Instead of developing some of its own smartcard payment environment in the manner of those authored by Apple and Samsung, the Internet Corporation will implement something like a foundation for this kind of system, offering an appropriate set of API-calls. As a result, numerous third-party developers will be able to create your own payment systems.

Closing the issues related to the security of Android Pay, will be offered one-time keys for signing payments. If someone tries to break into the system, one-time key will not give the possibility to authorize further transactions. However, it is unclear how to solve problems you lose your phone or malicious software that reads banking information of the owner. In general, would have to argue that Android Pay reliable as a rock.

The financial information will be stored only locally, ie Internet connection is required. Pairing with a payment terminal via the wireless NFC-channels. There will be additional layers of protection, for example in the form of fingerprint identification.

Android Pay will not affect the service Google Wallet, is the main payment gateway for most of paid services in Mountain View, including an online store Play Store.

Obviously, the details will be announced Android Pay at the event Google I / O, which will be held in May.

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