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Household appliances with Android inside –

Household appliances with Android inside –

Google Android OS majority with mobile gadgets – smartphones, tablets, etc. No one probably will not arise in the head with the word “Android” picture refrigerator that puts a new Instagram fotochki loaded in his food, showing off her in front of other refrigerators and collecting huskies.

No, Android in the home Technology is an entirely different purpose. At least it should. Formally, it extends the capabilities of the remote control gadget, and introduces new ones. And even more formally – this OS should be paired with a mobile communication interface, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or both of them. Of course, as of the current day everyone is trying to develop something of their own, but usually always wins unification.

And the main credo of Android in the mobile market – availability. Therefore, as in the situation with Wi-Fi, a rather strange and illogical to introduce this free OS is essentially the most expensive units, making it accessible from the operating system available to a narrow circle of people that can not afford to spend a couple thousand dollars on the washing machine. But this picture is slowly but surely starting to change. However, a little bit in the wrong direction


Google Android – an operating system that is not born yesterday, has experienced more than one rebirth with each new version, since last year, is being promoted in the watch companion named Android Wear (variation on the theme), so you have the OS to the world of home appliances to help people was only a matter of time, curiosity and greed.

The first interesting specimens were shown to the public as early as 2011 at the exhibition IFA. However, if demonstrated LG refrigerator with a touch pad on Android, in fact, more like a refrigerator with a built-ordinary Android-tablet, but still not the best. Samsung, as usual, repeated the success of LG offspring a year, releasing a refrigerator T9000 with the same Android-tablet. For $ 4,000 you can become the owner of this object kitchen utensils.


In fact, Android is directly related to household appliances with Wi-Fi, about which we spoke not long ago. But in reality found in the mass sale of refrigerators with this OS is now quite difficult for manufacturers Wi-Fi-equipment for the home today is easier to create your own interface to interact with Android- or iOS-user application, you implement the same in Android multivarku or coffee machine .


In the televizorostroeniya producers particularly liked the system Smart TV and the like. Why use someone else’s bike, and when your there?

Still, not everyone is so against innovation, and therefore, Philips offers the super-TVs in the 9100 series (Ultra-HD, so not cheap), and a 8h00 th series, where cheaper TVs, and Android OS here performs roughly the same features as the more affordable TVs with SmartTV. That is, they allow you to use all the services Google Play, including app stores and cinema. The system is managed remote control with built-in “pointer”, working on the principle of a computer mouse, and a full QWERTY-keyboard.


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