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Android for Dummies. Security issues – Mobile-review

In the second part of the article we will talk about a little more complicated things. For example, a search for a lost smartphone, recovering lost passwords, working with the antivirus software, the problem of the rapid discharge of the battery, the distribution of mobile Internet and install Flash.


Part Four. Services Google

Categories Google Play

Shop Google Play – it is not only valuable fur applications for your Android smartphone, but also many other interesting things.

First of all, it is worth noting service Google Music, which is a relatively small monthly fee allows you unlimited access to a huge number of songs of various genres. Moreover, they can listen to both online and offline, in advance, store the desired composition on a smartphone. One of the most interesting features of the service – radio mode, which itself will select the compositions according to your taste.

In addition, our country is gradually beginning to gain popularity Forums Google Books and Google Press.

Play Games

However, the theme of Android smartphones all this is only indirectly related. Unlike service Play Games, which was created specifically for fans of mobile games. Its main advantage – the synchronization of the game progress in the cloud. Now, do not be afraid to lose all game achievements after flashing or change your smartphone and you can easily play the same game with the tablet and the phone.

All that is required from the user – when the game starts to enter the credentials of an account Google and if you want to download the application itself Google Play Games.

 Chaynik_26-16   Chaynik_26-15

The main thing that you chose this game supports game service Google. Now most of these games, but annoying exception can still be found.

The application Google Play Games you can always see what your friends are playing, compare your progress and boast new achievements. And in some games that support multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends together.

 Chaynik_26-14   Chaynik_26-13

 Chaynik_26-12 Chaynik_26-04

 Chaynik_26-11   Chaynik_26-10

 Chaynik_26-09  Chaynik_26-08

And if you do not know what to play, you should look at your list of recommended games or browse the selection of the most popular gaming applications.

 Chaynik_26-03  Chaynik_26-07

 Chaynik_26-06   Chaynik_26-05

Chaynik_26-01  Chaynik_26-02

Google Now

Another very interesting service of Google, which has become the signature Android. Google Now – your personal assistant, which finds and displays on the screen all the information you need before you ask him a question. For example, warn that because of traffic jams on the roads is better to go to a meeting early. Recall that due to bad weather today is better to take an umbrella. Tells you when the match starts favorite football team, and if you missed it – will talk about what the meeting is over, and what now account. Tell that to your favorite sites, new materials. Shows how much this month you walked and how many have passed on the bike. And all this – just the beginning.

In addition, Google Now includes voice search function. Just ask the question, and the virtual assistant will try to give an exhaustive answer to it.

For further information about Google Now can be found on the official website of Google.

My Account Google

Gradually, almost any Android smartphone owner starts using those or other services and applications Google. All of them are tied to the main Google-account and displayed in your personal account.

First of all, you can learn how active you are using one or another service. For example, the app store Google Play. What to it tied Android device as purchased programs and music tracks, as playlists and so on.





You can also find more interesting things. For example, the location history. The scheme of your movements will be displayed on the map Google Maps, where you can view it on any day.


In addition, from the personal account can be just a click to go to the settings of any service. For example, to set up circles in Google Plus, to share documents from Google Drive or change the privacy settings in YouTube.

Part Five. Security

Two-stage authentication

Of course, one account for all corporate services – it is very convenient. Especially because with it you can go to many third-party Android applications and games without the need to register a new username and password to invent. That’s only if an attacker can pick up this account password, he will get access to a very large number of very personal and sensitive information. But stealing passwords in our time – are not uncommon.

Reading the news about hacked accounts and “leaked” passwords, most people deep down are absolutely sure that with them all this would never happen. But in practice, from password theft or hacking attempts no one is immune. And all these nerves can spoil very pretty.

Fortunately, the problem of cracking the password is simple and elegant solution. It’s called “Two-stage authentication».

complicated name should not be afraid, because in fact, it is a very simple system, which has long been used by many resources from banks to social networks. The bottom line is that in addition to your login and password to access your account, now need to enter a special code that will come to your mobile phone by SMS. Even if an attacker somehow knows your password, then get to the phone in any case he can not. And after failing to find a confirmation code, left with nothing.


When it comes to security, there are no issues, such a scheme does not cause . Extra level of protection is really capable to save a lot of trouble. But what about convenience? Few people like to check the mail every time waiting for SMS messages and manually enter a long code.


Fortunately, this is not necessary. When you log in to your account you can mark a computer as trusted. And to re-enter the confirmation code on it is no longer required. In this case, your account will continue to be protected – when attempting to login with an unfamiliar computer system will require re-enter the code.

It is also worth noting that for the convenience of users the company has provided several additional options that can help you get the code even if your phone is out of network coverage. For example, you can pre-print the special backup codes, or install on your smartphone special program generator, able to create their own.

Connection-step verification will take you just a couple of minutes. All that is required – go to the following link and follow the instructions.

You will need to log into your Google account, enter your mobile phone number, select a convenient way to get the code (this can be as SMS, and voice call) and enter the confirmation code.

After a two-step authentication is connected, you will need to re-enter the Google account on all computers and mobile devices, where it is you use. Note the exclamation point icon that appears in the notification bar smartphone. He says that the connection is lost with a Google Account. Pull the curtain down the notification bar, click on the pop-up message, re-enter the password to the Google account and click the “Login”. Wait for SMS messages, enter the secret code and be sure to tick “Remember the code on this computer” – this will save you from having to re-enter this information after rebooting the device.

 Chaynik_10-04 >  Chaynik_10-03

 Chaynik_10-02  Chaynik_10-01

If necessary, the same procedure will need to be done on the computer where you need to access services of Google. Just remember to put a tick “Remember me on this computer code” should only be the case if the owner you really trust.

The main pitfall step verification – Connect Google account to some third-party mail clients like Microsoft Outlook , e-mail client on BlackBerry smartphones or computer iMac. Unfortunately, they only support a user name and password and do not work with the confirmation codes. Therefore, instead of the code for these applications will use a special password.


Create a password is not difficult, you need only go to the following link and specify the name of the service (mail, calendar, etc.) and the type of client. Application-specific passwords are generated automatically, they do not have to memorize.


On the same page, you can edit the list of trusted devices or change the phone number.


Use additional protection or not – it’s only you. But, in my personal opinion, step verification – is necessary and useful. If possible, always tie your telephone number accounts payment services, mail and social networking. Better to let these precautions will be extra than one attacker on your own behalf deceive your friends and loved ones. For example, sending to your e-mail message to urgently transfer money to the account.


Of course, talking about the safety and protection of your smartphone, you can not ignore the topic of mobile vendors.

It should be noted that the first time from antivirus for Android has been more harm than good. Quickly realizing that the new mobile operating system is becoming extremely popular anti-virus vendors immediately released mobile versions of their applications, blindly copying the basic functionality with the desktop versions. Such anti-virus software on your smartphone worked constantly, taking up precious megabytes of RAM, and “eating” a substantial portion of the battery charge.

Today, the situation has changed. Antivirus significantly restrain their appetites, no longer before our eyes devour battery. Many of these applications are scanned only during installation or allow you to run the scan mode manually. Moreover, increasingly antivirus becomes only one of the several functions of the system or other utility. And in addition to anti-virus scanner, it offers users a whole bunch of interesting things.

Do I need anti-virus software on Android smartphones? The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist. Disputes on this subject do not cease for many years, but to some supposedly hand in all that time never came.


On the one hand, Android itself is sufficiently robust system. Problems mostly begin when in comes in the human factor – ie the user.

Viruses are not taken out of thin air – yielding to the primitive tricks fraudsters, users set their own hands on the smartphone. And then another, and agree to give malicious program right for sending SMS and making a call. And in this case, no antivirus user to save. Anyway, until then, until it learns to beat current. If a person has decided to give a damn about all the warnings, believing in nonsense and outright own by uploading a malicious application on your phone, the message about the dangers of too much business is no longer correct.

The first rule for any inexperienced user sounds very simple – never download applications from third-party sources. Craving for freebies to no good arguments – to save a couple of dollars on the cost of the application, you run the risk of losing soon ten times more. Blind faith in a miracle even worse – a link to upgrade to Android 5.0 can not hang on an ad banner, and a message about won a million you will never appear in the status bar of your smartphone. It would seem that it is quite obvious who should understand any adult. But not wanting to risk always.

Perhaps someone thinks that antivirus – this is such a magic wand that will allow to install anything, anywhere, without fear of infecting your smartphone. This is not the case – there are no guarantees, and there can not be. Any shield can always find his sword, and it must be clearly understood. And no antivirus never gives 100% protection from all the problems. Unless installed on your phone do not get that, then sooner or later in any case it will lead to trouble.

On the other hand, the chance to pick up on your smartphone infection have even the most “legitimate” users Android. When an application containing malicious code, fell into Google Play, are very rare. Nevertheless, such a situation were not even once. Of course, as soon discovers the true state of affairs in Google immediately removed malware not only from the app store, but also from smartphones hapless users. The only question is how many cases they had previously done. In theory, a good antivirus in this situation could protect users advance warning of the danger. In practice, the new virus has successfully completed filters Google, could not have been recognized by the overwhelming majority of existing at the time of protective programs.

From a single scan of the system can also be good.


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