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As you know, many stars prefer smartphones Apple iPhone. Among the male representatives of popular personalities, Android users are found, but the ladies almost completely ignored by the OS Google. Although there are representatives whose choice fell on “green robot” as opposed to a wholesale dominance iOS on stellar get-togethers.

Eric Herceg (Samsung GALAXY S5)

Singer-date of the pop group” VIA Gra “is somewhat unusual user, since it owns as Android-smartphone and iPhone . At the same time, she uses them equally active that can be understood from her Instagram-account – a girl supple fashion trends (as, indeed, Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Zhirinovsky) and consistently places Self made on both smartphone.

Kristen Bell (Samsung GALAXY S5)

Actress Kristen Bell (Kristen Bell), known in the first place, on the series and the eponymous film” Veronica Mars “a long-standing fan of Samsung. Korean star brand with her husband Dax Shepard (Dax Shepard) starred in a number of sketches, where they demonstrate their commitment to the brand, which is part of their lives. iPhone they ignore – star family actively uses Twitter as a web version and mobile applications for Android.

Gigi Hadid (Samsung GALAXY S6)

The American model Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) which works, including on the brand Victoria’s Secret, is not the usual Android-user – unlike the others presented beauties young girl for a long time used the iPhone, but the South Korean technology giant lured her. Gigi Hadid received the gift has not yet gone on sale GALAXY S6 blue and now uses it instead of the iPhone 6.

Emmy Rossum (Motorola Moto X)

Actress Emmy Rossum and director (Emmy Rossum), noted in such films as” The Day After Tomorrow, “” Phantom of the Opera “and the TV series” Shameless “, uses Android on an ongoing basis. Yes, she was one of the invited celebrities to launch the Motorola Moto X and continues to cooperate with the US company. However, if you watch her strip to Twitter, it can be concluded that it is true “green robot».

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