Tuesday, March 17, 2015

As Apple luring users Android – BBC

As Apple luring users Android – BBC

Apple is preparing an updated program of trade-in, according to which the buyers who have passed the old Android-smartphone will receive a gift certificate to the iTunes store and AppStore. “Times” decided to consider, at the expense of anything other than marketing company manages to be a favorite of the whole people.

The fact that the Apple Store begin to prepare for the reception of old smartphones to Android, said a number of foreign media . According to them, the training of retail stores Apple has already begun and a public announcement will take place in the next few weeks.

In this case, store employees will not just take the old smart phones for recycling in the Waste and recycling will help to transfer contacts to svezhepriobretennoy their iPhone.

It is often the fear of losing the phone book pushes buyers from switching to another platform.

This program existed before, but to use it could only owners of older iPhone and iPad. Running this program has helped Apple to stimulate sales. In addition, not all handed disposed of smartphones: some of them set off to recover, where the old parts are replaced with new, afterwards returning to showcase, but with markdowns. The decision to expand the program to other smart phones manufacturers can greatly help the company increase sales, which in the fourth quarter of 2014 and so was a record. Then Apple sold more smartphones than Samsung, although Korean phones are represented in all price segments, and Apple is aiming exclusively in the premium.

Still, the expansion of the program is not the first time that Apple is trying to simplify the lives of those who decided to go with Android to iOS. With the release of the eighth version of its mobile system, the company has published detailed instructions according to which steps can be transferred to the iPhone photos, contacts, appointments, correspondence and so on. The only thing that can not be moved – it bought the application.

But it is precisely for this may be useful certificate on the AppStore and iTunes, which “converts” in the Apple world will get deposited for Android-smartphone.

What exactly makes Android users to switch to products of Apple? Because it is often smart phones of other companies in all respects bypass the iPhone, and are thus even less. With an argument about the exceptional comfort you can also bet: after Android smartphone users have to literally re-educate themselves to the logic of Apple, but some familiar features, such as saving files from the Internet directly to your device and open them through the necessary application, and non-existent.

To explain the reason for the popular worship of devices difficult. This combination of factors, which generally make the device easy and affordable to understand at a high functionality. The network has already long been on the term “magic Apple»: let the products and the most advanced in technical terms, the company inspires users that they are better only because it is Apple. A kind of “halo” over the products appeared during the “second coming” of Steve Jobs and the company uses them rightly so far.

The company has never even been invented: sensory smartphones and tablets existed before the advent of the iPhone and iPad. The company’s success is that she knows how to properly recycle the existing solutions and present them in the most favorable light.

Yet recently even “magic” is not enough to oppose the company’s products to competitors, and Apple have to repeat the steps of other manufacturers. The emergence Phablet iPhone 6 Plus – a typical example. Steve Jobs always thought that 3.5 inches – the perfect size for a smartphone. Although a 4-inch iPhone 5 started to be developed in his lifetime, a 5.5-inch device is unlikely to agree to voluntarily.

And as the “magic” has little, Apple has to put up with the fact that from world of potential consumers gradually disappears paradigm “is an iPhone and other smartphones have.” Companies must begin to compete with other producers on an equal footing. And although it is more than possible to, Apple still understands that simple this battle will not be, and hence there are such typical marketing offers as “hand over your Android – get a bonus to the iPhone».

Jobs is not exactly be approved.


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