Thursday, March 5, 2015

Platform Android Wear “make friends” with the iPhone – BBC News

Google is preparing to launch a version of the application Android Wear, compatible with smartphones Apple. It is reported by Engadget citing French website 01net. At the moment, electronics with “manual” Android can only connect to Android-powered devices.

The details of how the “iPhone” will be integrated with the platform Google, not given. When will be released iOS-app Android Wear, is also unknown. Asked to comment on the hearing in the company responded that they “have nothing to tell at this time”.

Android Wear – a kind of Android operating system for “smart” watches, bracelets and other worn electronics, which was presented in March last year. It allows you to do with your wrist all the same thing as your smartphone: control your music, find out weather, flight information, find out how long it takes the road to work, taking into account traffic jams and where, with whom and how much is assigned the next meeting.

Products with Android Wear, producing, for example, Sony (Watch SmartWatch 3), Huawei (headset TalkBand 2), LG (Watch Urbane) and Motorola (Moto 360). And last month, the company announced the Pebble partial support of their devices Android Wear. It lies in the fact that the application will be forwarded to watch Pebble notice. About that, that is able to “manual” platform Google , – read our review.

Source: Engadget


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