Monday, March 2, 2015

Google confirmed the development of Android Pay – rival payment system Apple Pay –

Google officially reported of the fact that the development of a new payment system, which will be called Android Pay. During the conference, Mobile World Congress, which now takes place in Barcelona, ​​a company spokesman Sander Pichai (Sundar Pichai) made it clear that the system will be announced not a separate product, and software upgrade that will allow third-party companies to provide support for secure payments via Android- device. Use the services of Android Pay as you can when making payment in retail stores, as well as with the purchase application.


«We want to create a universal method of payment, which would allow to organize accept payments via Android. And in regions such as China or Africa, we hope people will use Android Pay for creating innovative services, “- said Pichai.


Unfortunately, said Google spokesman did not disclose more details about any Android Pay, but assured that the operation of the system will initially be tied to the module using NFC. In the future, developers also plan to adapt the system for biometric sensors. Apparently, it is a fingerprint scanner, which are equipped with top-end smartphones from Samsung.


Google Wallet – other and current payment system from Google – will exist in parallel with Android Pay. The company also does not exclude that announced at the exhibition MWC payment system from Samsu ng will continue to closely integrated with Android Pay. Google took payment systems as early as 2011, and was presented when Google Wallet. Announcement Android Pay only confirmed the company’s desire to establish itself in the market. Fundamental difference represented by the system from the same Apple Pay is that Google creates a whole platform for developers and manufacturers, while Apple only concerned themselves by shopping smartphone iPhone.


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