Saturday, March 7, 2015

One-third of Android users have been hacked in 2014 – 3DNews

Accounts 34% of users Android OS devices were subjected to hacking in 2014. Such a disappointing statistics leads “Kaspersky Lab” and analytical agency B2B International.

A study conducted by companies, found that malicious programs throughout the year faced 41% of smartphone users and 50% of tablet users running Android. The most common purpose remains intruders access to financial information. Among the owners of smartphones such threats faced 32% share of tablet users – 37%.

Despite this, according to the study, many users are very careless about protecting information. Take for example our country. About half of the Android-based devices in Russia are not protected by antivirus software. 26% of smart phones do not even have a password. The share of the tablet without a password – 18%.

However, many users continue to be stored on insecure devices important information. About 10% of unprotected devices contain financial information – PIN-codes, passwords, payment systems and so on.

Mail frivolous users is also an easy prey. Personal correspondence on devices without a password stored 30% of owners, workers – 15%. Another 8% recognized in the unsafe storage of data, not intended for third parties.

The real challenge remains low awareness of users in the field of mobile security. 38% of respondents admitted that they did not know of the existence of mobile cybercrime. The fifth part of the user is indifferent to them.

The mobile OS from Google continues to be a tasty morsel for hackers from around the world. Previously, “Kaspersky Lab” has already reported that 99% of malware written for OS Android. The number of attacks on such devices has almost tripled over the last year.


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