Monday, March 30, 2015

Overview Jiayu S3: flagship android- «planshetofon” for half the price? –

Device Type

MediaTek MT6752, ARM Cortex-A53,
64 bit 8 x 1.7 GHz cores

The video

Operating System
Android 4.4.4

2 GB

Flash memory
16 GB

Screen (size, type, resolution)
5.5 “, IPS, 1920 x 1080 (FHD),
OGS, Gorilla Glass

13.0 megapixel main (autofocus,
flash sensor Sony IMX214);
5.0 megapixel front (sensor Samsung)

Number of SIM-cards
2 (Micro-SIM)

Support for microSD-cards

Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0


USB-OTG, 3.5 mm jack
(headphones / headset)

FM radio

3000 – 3100 mAh (removable)

75.5 x 157.0 x 8.9 mm

Price, rub.
~ 15000

Jiayu S3 smartphone is available in two versions: a black body and white. On testing, we’ve got the machine in black.

It should be noted that also produced more “advanced” version of the model, referred to as the «Advanced». It has 3 GB RAM module and NFC (wireless connection “near-field”). Of course, such a modification would be more expensive.

The smartphone has a vibration motor, sensor automatic brightness control, orientation sensor (G-sensor) and approximation. Pleasant trifle – present LED notifications.

Packaging and delivery Jiayu S3

Packing hero of the review was very simple, in the style of «Military»:

450x267 20 KB. Big one: 1350x800 253 KB

The box, which is packed smartphone, made of fine but strong cardboard. At its upper part – only the manufacturer’s logo; on one of the side faces – sticker with a very brief information; the most valuable of which – the name of the model (JY-S3). On the other side faces nothing.

But at the bottom of the box a lot of useful information about the device:

262x450 35 KB. Big one: 524x900 194 KB

However, all technical information – in Chinese but on designations and quantities can be no translation to understand what’s what. For example, combinations of the form 5.5 IPS, 4G, GB 2 need not be translated.

Now open the box and see what’s inside:

450x342 21 KB. Big one: 1350x1026 249 KB

There is hiding himself smartphone stuck on transport protection film with a company logo, depicting a young sprout plants, which stretches up to the sun.

We take out the machine and recline sideways “crib” in which he lay:

450x439 33 KB. Big one: 923x900 169 KB

And here is where we see most of the equipment. In the box on the left side is the charger (bag is removed), in the middle – a battery with a piece of paper, right – USB-microUSB cable and an adapter for the charger with the flat network “Asian” round pins on “European”. Not much.

By the way, the adapter to “evrorozetku” quality, is put on the charger tight and hold on tight.

Let us consider the “charging”:

418x337 19 KB. Big one: 836x674 89 KB

As you can see, it can give to the load current up to 1 A. Given that the smartphone used capacity battery (3000 mAh), the manufacturer should be put in a more powerful set of “charging”.

Also in the box is packed and paper document in the form of booklets in Chinese:

450x264 16 KB. Big one: 900x528 74 KB

After its study it can be concluded that it is a warranty card:

450x139 20 KB. Big one: 1100x336 84 KB

To summarize simple package:

  • Self smartphone (including battery);

  • The charger and adapter for “evrorozetku»;

  • USB-microUSB cable;

  • Warranty card.

Of course, we can have a lot of requests for equipment, such as a headset, screen protector, protective cover, and so on. Obviously, the manufacturer is spared to make the price lower. But what really is not enough – Adapter USB-OTG, since, as will be shown further testing, USB port mode OTG (as host) are quite efficient.

As a result of the inspection and packaging supplied remained ambivalent impression. On the one hand, reduction of these components – direct financial benefit to the consumer. On the other hand, the realization of such a device does not fit as a gift. Or fit, but only under the condition that the donee person has high technical competence and be able to “check out” advanced electronic stuffing smartphone.


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