Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Yandex" produces music application for Android - The Gazette

only premium service “Yandex” – a musical – is becoming mainstream. Until now it was only available to owners of the iPhone, and now appeared in Android


« Yandex” to launch the application « Yandeks.Muzyka” for smartphones and tablets based on the operating system Google Android – the most popular mobile platforms in Russia and in the world, told « Sheets” project leader Konstantin Vorontsov. « Yandeks.Muzyka” – the first paid service « Yandex”: its subscribers get access to a catalog of 8.5 million tracks and can also store your own entries in the phone or in the cloud storage « Yandex.Disk.” Appendix « Yandeks.Muzyka” for the iPhone came out at the end of May 2012, the year he downloaded 700,000 times. Monthly fee for access to the directory – 112-199 rubles.

This unpromising project until there « In Touch,” says a person to invest in one of the paid online music services, subsequently closed. « In Touch” – the massive social network runet its users post on their pages, and music, and movies, including counterfeiting, network administration removes them, but only on complaints holders . And Google Play, and the online store applications for the iPhone AppStore many programs to listen to music from « in contact”. For example, in the section « Music & Audio» Russian Google Play most popular free application – « In Touch music and videos” and in Russian AppStore 6th and 7th place among music applications occupy « I listen to anything in contact” and VK Playlist ( 8 th position – « Yandeks.Muzyka”). No one is willing to buy music, while easy to find free records, summarizes the source « Gazette».

« Yandex” originally was not going to make a music and was even willing to make the service free of charge, but argued against the holders, explained the company. However, it is not the only one who ventures to enter in runet paid music services on the background of rampant music piracy. At the end of 2012 music services for smartphones launched Opera Software and Apple: Opera offers download music from its catalog for 150 rubles. per month, while Apple sells records through the online store iTunes ( 10-20 rubles. per track). « project with Opera’s performance is higher than we expected – and we were optimistic,” – says the managing partner of Rights Communications ( works with Opera and Apple) Nicholas Hams. In Russia enough people willing to pay for the music, he says. People will increasingly pay for music if in runet will be more co nvenient legitimate paid services, agrees Vorontsov of « Yandex.”

The Russians are losing interest in shopping

Russians are losing interest in shopping

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