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Automate it. We solve everyday problems on Android - BBC News

on Android-smartphone is often necessary to perform routine actions – to include Wi-Fi as you get home, open the media player when the headset or decrease the sound volume at work. Vesti.Haytek provide an overview of software, which will make life easier by taking these tasks for themselves.

Recall that Android – a platform open source, which means that unlike iOS, it can do almost anything. However, later versions of the operating system Google (4.0 +) vysomye impose restrictions on the automation tools. For example, to use the GPS function to its fullest or switch between 2G-and 3G-networks do not need Android 2.3 above (or firmware CyanogenMod), and Jelly Bean prohibits adjust the volume. Of course, directly related to the scope of system functions can also be bypassed, but it needs to get root-access to the device.

In addition, this kind of program is quite difficult for the average user – with the intricacies of setting numerous rules, triggers, and other algorithms, not everyone will understand. And yet, after spending a couple of hours on them, you can almost completely customize the smartphone to fit your needs and save you much more time.

For example, one of the users with a powerful tool Tasker made it so that when approaching the cottage, Android itself called for the number you want to open the gate with remote control. By gadget while you can never touch. A user of another application, Llama, using it this way: “When I got home – the program includes Wi-Fi and change the profile on ‘Normal.’ Get out of the house – the program turns off Wi-Fi and includes a profile of ‘Loud’. At 23:30 off module GSM (and why the battery at night to wind?) at 6:30 includes GSM. On weekends, audible alarms are disabled before 11 am. ” So the possibility of “Automator” are limited only by your imagination.


Tasker, which we have already mentioned – the most feature-rich tool. The utility interface is divided into three parts: Profiles (“Profiles”) – this specifies a list of conditions under which must be made to an action, Tasks (“Objectives”) – for the actions themselves, which are tied to the profiles, and Scenes (“Scenes “) – a visual editor automation processes (can be useful if you yourself create the application).

There are 6 types of profiles: if the application is launched, there comes a certain day of the week, the exact time of an event, or if the user is close to a point on the map (you can set the radius and turn off GPS, to save battery) or something is going on with your smartphone – is changing the orientation, connects USB-cable, charging falls. Actions can be almost what you want (search the web, send SMS, call, open the file and much more).

Unfortunately, the full documentation for Tasker not, and Russian language she translated, so be prepared to have to master the tool itself. It extends for nearly $ 100. Before payment, be sure to check with a free trial-version (up to 7 days), which can be downloaded from the developer’s site.

It requires Android: depends on the device;
Developer: Crafty Apps;
Rating Google Play: 4,6 (13 284).


“Automator” tied for geolocation. Define the area (home, work, cottage or any other area), specify profile (without sound, loud, quiet, or build your own), and associate them with events in the desired time period. In general, the principle of operation is similar to the Llama Tasker: can perform actions (lock the screen to switch to silent mode, to “kill” all the processes that run the program, restart, reduce screen brightness, etc.), based on the time of day and day of the week, The battery, calendar, headset, etc.

Compared with Tasker, the available tasks in less Llama, but there are two indisputable advantages: the application is localized, and there are pre-event (such as “Silent Night” – a zone of “House” between 2200 and 6:30 change the profile to “Silent”). Calculates the location is not on the GPS, and the signals from cell phone towers and access points Wi-Fi.

It requires Android: depends on the device;
Developer: KebabApps;
Rating Google Play: 4,7 (8525).


stand out against other utilities simplicity and clarity. At the start screen displays two sections: “My Rules” – a list of personal triggers / actions and “Shop Rules” – from here you can download ready-made scripts created by other users (GPS off when downloading maps include vibration after the battery is fully charged, activate Bluetooth a car, etc.).

After installing AutomateIt users are six basic rules – to lower the volume when headphones are connected, to warn of low battery, turn off the sound in the night, and others. Selection of triggers and actions is very large, almost like Tasker, and each is provided with a description in Russian. Basic functionality AutomateIt wide, but if you want to, for example, to read the sensors, combined add rules to take into account the events calendar, you need to purchase the paid version (68 rubles)

It requires Android: from 2.2;
Developer: SmarterApps Ltd;
Rating Google Play: 4,3 (2360).

Android Automate

Home “chip” AA – ability to cling to the event sequence of different actions. Supports rules that do not have many other utilities, if there is a change SIM-card can record what is happening from a smartphone to a file, to track the position and send them to your email or take a photo for shake-up device.

The rest is easy. Create a “program”, assign a trigger (cross to the left), and its associated event (cross to the right). In the Pro-version (68 rubles) Android Automate available, some advanced features disabled and pop-up ads.

It requires Android: from 2.2;
Developer: monkeysoft;
Rating Google Play: 3,4 (25).

Profile Scheduler

‘ll do, if you do not want to create a profile from scratch, as in Tasker. You can select and configure one of five ready-made (“Normal,” Meeting “,” quiet “,” Night, “” On the Street “). Example, in the” night “mode, just place the switches as needed (vibration motor, speaker volume, white list of contacts, data / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, brightness, “wallpaper”, run applications, etc.).

profiles include yourself if you meet some of the rules. For example, if you want to turn on the regime, “The Street” (with GPS), when you enter the car, add a condition to the rule of “docking station.” Feature Profile Scheduler – to define the desired volume call or SMS received from each contact, regardless of the selected profile.

It requires Android: from 2.2;
Developer: Wetpalm;
Rating Google Play: 4,3 (3416).

NFC Task Launcher

The purpose of this program – support for NFC-tags as triggers. You can paste a “smart” sticker on your desktop or dashboard of the car, and when the smartphone will next take off – the utility will perform a specific action. In Russia, a set of five NFC-tags is 500-600 rubles.

Importantly, the program allows you to do without them, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For example, if your smartphone is connected to a home or office network, you can change the sound profile, put out the brightness of the display, lock the device, or send a tweet to check in at Facebook.

It requires Android: from 2.3.3;
Developer: Tagstand;
Rating Google Play: 4,6 (3446).

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