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Most mobile users do not feel any sympathy for Android - Computerra - KompyuterraLab

Author: Mikhail Karpov May 20, 2013

The debate about which platform is better – Android, iOS, and maybe even Windows Phone, do not cease on the internet for years. But is it really so devoted users of the mobile OS, which is used now, and how? Everything in its place this poll.

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According to a survey of Forrester, 85 percent of users surveyed worldwide brand not feed any attachment to a particular mobile platform. Moreover, among those who are critical of their operating system, users of Apple devices is dominated by a large margin.

addition to the main majority, which is not tied to specific platforms, identified two groups: the loyal users who can not live without a certain operating system, and those who have expressed a moderate attachment to the platform. First make up 6 percent of the total, the second – 9.

Interestingly, the number of fans of iOS in both groups is almost the same – 58 and 56 percent. However, when it comes to Android and Windows Phone, then here is the case in another way. Among the fans of the platform leader, oddly enough, Windows Phone (44 per cent), whereas in this category, only 1 percent of fans Android. The situation is different when it comes to people who are simply expressing sympathy for the system: 25 percent – for Android and only 17 – a platform for Microsoft.

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