Tuesday, May 14, 2013

France will support the culture of tax on iPhone and Android - BBC News

The French government is discussing the possibility of introducing the tax on smartphones, tablets and other electronic products with the ability to surf the Internet. The proceeds in this way funds will be allocated to national cultural projects – kinomatografa, music and art.

France’s economy slips into recession. The European Commission believes that the results of 2013 the country’s GDP will fall by 0.1%, and unemployment will rise by 0.3% – to 10.9%. The initiative to introduce an additional tax burden on Android-smartphones, Apple products and other companies owned by Pierre Lescure – businessman and former head of the private television channel Canal Plus, reports Reuters.

According Lescure, a 4-percent tax on smartphones and tablets will help the government to increase revenue, because consumers spend more money on the “hardware”, and not to the content. Agree with him culture minister Aurelie Filippetti. She said the tax is likely to be included in the budget law, which will present to Parliament in November.

“cultural” tax levied in France for TV, radio and Internet service providers. As expected, the administration of President Francois Hollande will make a decision on the bill before the end of July.

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