Friday, May 17, 2013

White Nexus 4 will be released on June 10th with Android 4.3? - 3DNews

17.05.2013 [14:34], Vladimir Mironenko

Despite persistent rumors of an impending announcement of a white version of the “Google Phone» Nexus 4 developer conference Google I / O 2013 he paid attention. However, there was the expected launch of a new version of the operating system Android 4.3.

Nexus 4

According to sources at Google, wait for the official presentation of the Nexus 4 in white casing there are not too long. June tenth unit will present the public with Android 4.3.

Organization Bluetooth Special Interest Group also insists on the output Android 4.3 in the coming months. In addition, SIG confirmed its support for the new version of Android energy efficient technology Bluetooth Smart.

Posts about the characteristics of the white version of Nexus 4 has not happened. Most likely, the new model is limited only by the change of body colors, and specifications remain the same. Earlier there were rumors about a possible announcement at Google I / O 2013 white Nexus 4 with 32GB of flash memory and support for LTE, although some experts expected submission of the next version of “Google Phone» Nexus 5.

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