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Author: Mikhail Karpov May 13, 2013

It was recently announced that Andy Rubin, the main developer of Android over the lifetime of the system, leaves, and its place is taken by Sundar Pichai, head of Google Chrome. What will happen to the OS, he told the magazine Wired.

Sundar Pichai

According to him, the developers want the Android was not only a “very, very open platform,” but also, and was comfortable. Pichai said that users should decide what features and applications they need. “Some people want to Facebook Home, and we do not want to stand in their way – he says. – But in any case, we should not forget the fact that users want to use the device was convenient. For this reason we will change each version of Android ».

He also raised the issue of coexistence between the two OS: Android and Chrome. It turned out that, according to Pichaya, users need applications and services, not the OS, so the company will develop the two systems in the near future. In the future, “computers themselves will dictate changes».

Of course, people are very concerned about how much time will have to wait for the upgrade, the system is not entirely new devices. Pichai said that developers are considering how to improve the update. “We see several opportunities to do so – says Pichai. – We are in talks with partners and try to solve the problem. We need time to work out a solution, but the problem is – a priority for me and my team ».

Also, he mentioned that attend the conference Google I / O, which will begin next week. However, his answer was as vague as in other cases, he said that the conference will be useful to developers for Android, and for Chrome.

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