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Why iOS users buy software, and users Android - no? - KompyuterraLab

Author: Sergey Golubitskiy May 23, 2013

question posed in the title of the article was not born of my empirical observations after the change iphone to SGS4: out of habit, the exhausted by three years of life with iOS-gadgets, I bought myself properly in Google Play Sea of ??software, I needed to ensure a comfortable transition from iphone.

Not lazy – look now at home bookkeeping: left exactly on 5,111 rubles 76 kopecks. 35 software. As I said, software for Android costs significantly more expensive than iOS, and it was, by the way, one of the biggest for me (unpleasant) surprises.
Whatever it was, buying the program, I, Old Mother bakunianets, guessed that my behavior neophyte, to put it mildly, is not the norm for Android-powered community, though not possessed by any empirical data, especially numbers.

And then I got lucky. Who knows better than anyone how things are going with the purchase of software for Android and especially in comparison with iOS? Obviously, those developers who create software for both platforms! The other day I received a letter from my old good friend Victor Toporkova, CEO of Vito Technology.

first time about Vito, if memory serves, I wrote in “dovecote” in 2005, when he described the program Sound Explorer under “Tactile saga.” In those years, our compatriots (Vito hails from Novosibirsk) regularly worked in the field of Windows Mobile.

Having bought his first iPhone in 2010, I am pleased to see that my old friends had already thoroughly entrenched on the new platform and program were real best-sellers on iOS (Solar Walk, Star Walk and Geo Walk, described by me in “Magic walks”). Today, the collection added Swine Time, Holy Wars and Dino Walk (about the last program going to tell in the next dovecote).

? 040_1

So, the other day I received a letter from Victor, in which he shared his creative plans for the near future, in which one of the prominent place held a long-awaited debut Vito software platform Android. As if anticipating my bewilderment (“Why so late?”), Victor added: “What is really interesting to me, because that’s your opinion, why Android users spend significantly less on the purchase application? It’s not piracy, just for some reason they do not buy the app … Price Ios and Android devices is the same, the products are the same, like Google Play as comfortable shopping … but do not buy. Write about everything. Greatest Hits on Ios, bring on Android 10-100 times less money ».

on “Piracy” ignore: Victor recently spending too much time in Germany, so probably took over from there the manner of writing, all nouns with capital letters :) Well, seriously: Mr. Toporkova confusion about the reluctance of Android users actively buying program for its smartphones and tablets is very significant: otherwise Vito Technology would already released their hits for an alternative platform and sheared dividends. But no! Looks like there is no assurance that the sale will go in vein if not usual for iOS notices, or at least sufficiently brisk to justify the development costs.

? 040_2

suggest the reader not to plant now futile discussion on “Android users buy the software is as smartly as the users iOS, or do not buy” and take for granted the view in my opinion is quite a competent person. Take for granted and try to explain this economic (or psychological?) Phenomenon.
Leave open the discussion topic for the forum thread, and he himself presented to the readers of his own vision.

begin with – I use a good (or foreign grammatical) spelling Vladimir Toporkova – Piracy. I would personally in place of Vladimir, this factor is not so famously cast. I would venture to incur the reproach in the plane of thought, but still put piracy in the first place on the list of reasons why Android users are buying significantly fewer applications than users of iOS.

fact that the installation program skommunizdennoy andofon androplanshet or produced by several orders of magnitude simpler and easier than or iPhones aypada. Actually, there is nothing to install: find a file with the extension. Apk, copy it to the card and run: there he prekrasnenko and installed.

? 040_3

As I have already mastered the matter, out of the box without modifications installed, not all Android-programs – some require special finishing (patch) – but it is not fatal, because there are hundreds of forums that lined almost all of the best programs from Google Play in the same prepared for a hassle-free installation.
That is the situation of piracy on the Android one to one corresponds to what we see on the Windows or Mac OS X (on the last platform protection of 99% of the programs at all symbolic – enough seriynika and firewall ).

On iOS

situation, as I said, is fundamentally different. In order to install a pirated version of the program required (almost wrote – “Root” :) to jailbreak the gadget. With all due respect to Sauriku (I think one’s father Cydia Armenian?) Jailbreak their toys bitten carries a tiny portion of users IOS.
As I have written many times in the dovecote: too little incentive for such a procedure is not comme il faut. Jail to win a little bit, but not so much to lose stability (to me after a grueling rites still managed to overcome all the problems with his jailbreak on the iPhone 5), but rather on the image …!

? 040_4

Yes, yes, do not laugh, my dear fellow coterie turned green robot: jailbreak community yablonutyh lemmings unanimously perceived as pure zapadlo! First of all, because Jail violates the majestic axiom religion Apple, which reads: “Everyone in our church is working perfectly out of the box! Our happiest boy who has been admitted to our great mercy of higher knowledge, but did not dare playful and your measly little hands to encroach on perfection, picking at what you are not worthy! Do not you dare, worthless, destroy the Divine Harmony! »

This tablet secretly boarded up and irrevocably into the brains of every self-respecting yablofana so dzheylbleyk, anyway – and a lot of people miserable, for the most part, casual in a perfect kingdom bitten (strayed sheep from the flock, Android or Windows 8).

Whatever it was, but even performing a jailbreak, find cracked programs for iOS – not a trivial exercise. Repository, which is laid out piratirovanny software, are periodically closed, subjected to persecution, even in a noble community Cydia. I remember I found a newly analogue destroyed repository Installous (Zeusmos, but there is still ppHelper, vShare, and so on.), And tried to register it in Cydia: the headquarters of the jailbreak just tortured my conscience warnings that this repository is unreliable, dangerous and – the main thing! – Shrouded in universal contempt, because distributes stolen software! What horror.

So kommunizdit software on Android is much cheaper, so it is most actively and kommunizdyat. This, in my opinion – the main reason for frail users purchasing activity Android. Main but not the only one. It seems to me that the refusal to fork-out (forking) is also due to the psychology of the typical user Android.

The top of this charming

iceberg I pinched in previous dovecote devoted my migration to SGS4. Add to what has been said the following. Androintal is born … no, do not guess! – No boom, and a rebel ! If anyone’s really God himself commanded buy bust Mikhail Alexandrovich and install it in the red corner of his hut, so it is an amateur Android!

All this impossible OS (and the fact that it is impossible, I finally convinced, though – again, not guessed it – is not going to give up their SGS4 and cross back) is based on the sacred religion of Mother anarchy! Each goes his own way, each alters everything, shovels, rebuilds, reshapes his own way, by itself, to fit your tastes and moods, whatever they may be delusional.

? 040_5


half of the functions assigned by Samsung by default, stops working, let the reliability and stability of the gadget will be reduced by an order – and I do not care! The main thing is that in my androfone everything is set up the way it is nravitstsa ME!!!

And now take and substitute into this paradigm the idea of ??”purchased software”! Where are you votknetsya it? Which side? And no! Because for bakunianskogo brain to go somewhere to someone on the bow but still something out there to buy, parting with their hard-earned – is even more zapadlo than jailbreak yablofana. If I Khimichev eight o’clock, dopilivaya of custom kernel after flashing that, the device snake thing of the cyclic reboot, so we had another three hours to beg for our stock rekaveri (terms crafty juggling, so do not carp – SG) , do have I omitted before to buy some pathetic “apekashku?” Yes no zhist! On the next branch 4PDA whole shelupon hung like roach on the line: take – I do not want to!

? 040_6

Anyway, I bring it up: Android users buy the software on the order of magnitude less intense than users of iOS, for two main reasons: ease of access to piratiruemym programs and install them – this time, psychological taboos in the brain and in the heart of bushido bakuniansky – two . Of course there are still a lot of secondary causes, for example, obviously a reduced level of material prosperity the average smartphone user on Android, compared with the average iPhone user (already proven by statistics, so no need to grasp at the Mauser!), But these things are not so postpaid, so we will not focus on them.

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