Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Bang With Friends: now on iPhone and Android

Bang With Friends: now on iPhone and Android

Negotiate about sex with friends is now possible on the go

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done a few months ago, the noise service Bang With Friends, a controversial application for Facebook, offers to put aside extra social rituals and look among your friends who agree to do sex with you? At first it seemed a joke, then – the protracted joke. But it seems that everything seriously. A week ago, the authors Bang With Friends sort of attracted investment of $ 1 million, and today released the official mobile version.

Epp for Android is called – Bang With Friends, an EPG for iOS, probably because of the requirements of Apple, is the name of the BWF.

If you are not familiar with the concept, here’s a summary. You check in the application through your account in Facebook, you can then mention those of his friends, who wanted to have sex. But the past will know about it only in the case if you do have a sex drive and also decided to express it through the service. Users chose each other comes a message that will help them to unleash their feelings.

Bang With Friends, thus offering us get rid of the superfluous ceremonies are traditionally surrounding human relationships. Romance? This is the last century.

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