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Dell is preparing a delivery in July Android-PC as a key fob Project Ophelia - 3DNews

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traditional PC market has been steadily declining, and producers seek to somehow compensate for the loss of income itself. Basically the eyes and hopes of companies are directed towards the Google Android. Dell is no exception. As the resource PC World, PC Dell Project Ophelia size of a USB-stick will be supplied to the market in July for about $ 100.

As the company is a device that is running the platform Android, will be connected to the HDMI connector and turn the TV or any other HDMI-display and projector to a computer, gaming system or TV set-top box (depending on the needs of the user.) It is designed primarily for those users who are most of the time the work is carried out in a PC network.

Project Ophelia is equipped with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can access remotely stored files. Users can download apps, movies, TV shows from Google Play, Android-run games and watch streaming multimedia content from services such as Hulu or Netflix.

The device is intended to be a low-cost alternative to tablets and PCs, and Dell is working on a special keyboard for the device that will type text when you connect to the screen. Predefined Service Wyse PocketCloud allows access to files on the PC, server, or mobile devices. The first decisions Project Ophelia go to developers in July, and in August they will have sold U.S. users through the cable and telecommunications companies. A little later, they will be available for purchase on site Dell.

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