Monday, May 13, 2013

Samsung may provide the first laptop running Android -

creators Android operating system originally planned to limit the scope of their offspring digital cameras, but the fate of the project proved to be different: today, this OS can be found in smartphones, tablets, e-books, and even household appliances. In digital cameras, of course, Android is also used, but the range of such products is not too large in comparison with the variety of other things.

The next evolutionary step for Android will be the appearance of the operating system on laptops, and a pioneer in this field should be the company Samsung, the website NextPowerUp. Attempts to move the Android mobile PCs were made earlier (AC100 netbook by Toshiba, for example), but the spread of these exotic solutions have not received.

reason was “unfriendly” Android to full notbuki. Google will fix it in version 5.0, the output of which will be held in the autumn, but Samsung will introduce a laptop running an earlier version of Android in three or four months. Price of the device will be set at around $ 200.

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