Sunday, May 12, 2013

Microsoft may, in 2013, to capitalize on the OS Android $ 3,4 billion - InternetUA

Microsoft could in 2013 to capitalize on the OS Android $  3,4 ???? .

While Microsoft has difficulty in terms of beliefs users to move to Windows 8, and more problems with the perception of the devices on the Windows Phone, the mobile market is invisibly present almost everywhere. This refers to the presence used in the Android operating system technology and is very profitable for the company.

When creating Android Google has used the development of a number of companies, not putting them aware of this (approval, which Google itself can not agree ). Microsoft estimates the number of devices on Android, which use its patents, 80%. Many manufacturers of Android devices prefer to pay royalties instead of doing many years of litigation. These include more than twenty companies, including such large companies as Samsung, LG, HTC and Foxconn. From these deductions Microsoft makes a profit since 2011.

According to some analysts, the average sum payment to Microsoft from one Android-based device is $ 8. By some estimates, this year the total amount of deductions of $ 3.4 billion Given the growth in the supply of such devices in 2017, it could reach $ 5.9 billion if at least half of them will be able to collect license fees, and $ 8.8 billion, if the charges will be made with 75% of the devices.


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