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Gartner: Android-smartphone sales are growing, Samsung is leading - 3DNews

16.05.2013 [14:15], Dmitry Myakin

Analyst firm Gartner released a research report mobile phone market in the first quarter of 2013. According to her calculations, during this period was sold 426 million units this kind of electronics, which is 0.7% more than last year, and 210 million of them were smartphones. Thus, compared with the previous year, the share of smartphones among all mobile phones grew by 42.9%. While sales of conventional “tubes” in the first three months of the year fell almost everywhere, except for the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan), where he was even able to grow by 6.4%. The most notable decline in sales of mobile phones were common in North America and in Japan – 9.5% and 7.3%, respectively.

As for smartphones, in this segment continues to dominate the device running the operating system Android – to them in the first quarter of 2013, got 74.4% of the market versus 56.9% in the same period of 2012. Smartphones on iOS, by contrast, lost customers – from January to April, iPhone preferred 18.2%, while the year before selling it reached 22.5% of all smartphones in the world.

third place, but far behind the leaders took the BlackBerry OS – it administered worked 3% of smartphones sold in the I quarter of 2013. However, for BlackBerry is a disappointing result, because last year the company had communicators 6.8% of the market. Additionally, the rear them close getting devices with Windows Phone – in the last year, Microsoft was able to increase the share of its OS in the smartphone market from 1.9% to 2.9% and now has every chance to enter the top three versions Gartner.

share of other mobile platforms are not more than 1% each, with the most significant drop in sales of Symbian-smartphones touched. Early last year they controlled 8.5% of the market and took third place behind Android-and iOS-devices, but now they own only 0.6% of the market. At Samsung Bada little more – 0.7%. Probably after a quarter or two of both of these platforms generally disappear from the rankings because of their support for producers stopped.

among manufacturers of smartphones in terms of sales the first two places, like the year before, make Samsung (30,8%) and Apple (18,2%). Together they raised over 103 million devices and control nearly half of the global smartphone market (49%). In third place came the company LG (4,8%), swapped places with China’s Huawei (4,4%). The fourth-largest supplier of “smart phones” in the first quarter of 2013 was another company from China – ZTE (3,8%). The remaining vendors combined had 37.9% of sales.

Samsung has also become the largest supplier and the mobile phone market as a whole (23.6%, more than 100 million devices). Second in terms of sales was Nokia (14,8%, 63,2 million). Apple in the “overall” was able to get out only to third place (9%, 38.3 million), leading the LG (3,7%), ZTE (3,4%), Huawei (2,6%) and other manufacturers. It is interesting that Sony Corp. was only eighth in terms of sales of mobile phones with 1.9% market share.

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