Saturday, May 18, 2013

Named the release date of the new version of Android - The Russian Newspaper

new version of the mobile software platform Android 4.3 will be released on June 10 of this year, says Android and Me, citing its own sources.

As the

tehnoblog, Google has abandoned the idea of ??the announcement of Android 4.3 on your event Google I / O, in order to show the audience that to access all the new features of the service do not need to be updated mobile operating system. At the same time, we know that significant changes in the new version of Android has not been realized – the main difference between the updated software platform is the support of the Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart).

Furthermore, according Android and Me, simultaneously with Android 4.3 will be presented “guglofon” new generation Nexus housing 4 in white. According to the publication, in its characteristics, he will be no different from the model contained in a black casing and released in 2012.

Today Android is the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices – it accounts for about 75% of the smartphone market.

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