Monday, May 20, 2013

Dell will release "nanocomputer" with Android - TVNZ

Project Ophelia – the code name for a gadget that is going to release by Dell. This is a 100-dollar “nanocomputer” in the form of a “stick”, which is connected via HDMI to a monitor or TV, turning it into Android-powered device.

specifications of this computer will not be too high. However, the power of the device would be enough for internet surfing, watching streaming videos, listening to music, as well as for mobile Android-games. Project Ophelia (commercial name of the device has not yet reported) will have full access to applications, movies, music and books in Google Play.

Project Ophelia has a Wi-Fi module that allows the device to access the Internet. Also in the “flash drive” provides Bluetooth, responsible for connecting keyboards, mice, joysticks, headsets and other devices. The operating system uses Android 4.1 with a tablet interface.

Developers device will be available later this month, in July, it will be able to buy your cable and communications companies, and it will be available to customers shortly thereafter at a price of one hundred dollars.

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