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EA is working on a game engine Frostbite Go to Android and iOS - 3DNews

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EA has long talked about developing a mobile version of the engine Frostbite, and now on the official website confirmed the existence of Frostbite Go, a mobile office in charge of relevant developments. Although the company says all the key mobile platforms, deserve special mention so far only iOS and Android.

known game publisher hired in the past year, mobile application developers, and one of the leaders of EA / Dice mentioned back in April, a mobile team under the name of Frostbite Go. So far, the company Epic, whose mobile version of the Unreal Engine 3 is the basis of the popular iOS-Project Infinity Blade, led the effort to transfer projects for high-end mobile platforms.

not know when we can expect the first results of Frostbite Go, as there are no data about the games that use the new engine. EA is currently developing the Frostbite 3 engine, which makes its debut in the game Battlefield 4 this fall, and will be widely used in other projects of the company, including a series of games in the Star Wars universe. It is curious that the company does not consider the engine Frostbite 3 suitable for relatively weak gaming platform Wii U.

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