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Author: Nicholas Masluhin May 21, 2013

last year at the conference Google I / O 2012 was hot. Among the new products, which spoke from the stage were Nexus7, Project Glass, Android 4.1, Google Now and the other-other-other. Each of the presented products pulled on a separate press conference, and together they were forced to follow developments with bated breath. It is not surprising that in this year of the conference Google I / O 2013 waiting for something like this. Of the most likely rumors called two: the new Android Google phone and a new brand. In fact none of this is confirmed. But is it really?

Why is not Google revealed a new Android?

before the conference, analysts argued about how it will be called the new Android: 5.0 or 4.3? However, most agree on the fact that the new version of the system – just be left only to guess the name. As we know, these predictions have not come true. Google did not show any at all Android’a. None 5th or 4.3 or any else. The reason for this behavior lies in a very simple picture:

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Only a third of the existing users have a system with an index of 4.1 or higher. And she is, as we recall, for almost a year. Moreover, only 2 percent of people have on their phones, the latest version of the OS. And she, too, more than six months. The majority of mobile phones lying on the shelves now and it seemed to claim to modernity, are on board is Android 4.1. The very famous fragmentation in action.

What to do in such circumstances? One gets the feeling that Google is trying to upgrade the system without the option of the upgrade. To illustrate this point, let us enumerate what exactly it was shown at the conference: new messenger Hangouts (replaces the Gtalk), Google Play Game, a new Play Music, a new Play Book, the new Google Now, and finally, the new Google Maps. All of these applications are updated regardless of the version of Android, is installed on the phone (with the obvious exception of the old versions). And all of these applications allow the user to feel the newness without envy to the holders of the latter system. In other words, either the interests of just over 2 percent of people, or 56 percent (meaning users 4 +). Mathematics is very simple.

And where is the new Nexus?

Second on the list of expectations from the Google I / O 2013 was a new phone from Google. Most of the rumors came down to the fact that Google can provide a new phone again with the new version of the OS. Typically, Google orders their phones to some of the producers, and those doing corporate guglofon based on some of their models. Now answer the simple question: what kind of phone is now the most powerful on the market? Of course, Samsung Galaxy S4! And yet none of the manufacturers did not provide anything even remotely similar to the flagship of the South Koreans. We should not forget that the Samsung perfectly skims the cream of the sales and she would not want to erode the hard-promoted brand. At least for now.

Also, do not forget that the current Nexus 4, with its quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 720p screen more than good. Hardly anyone dare to call it obsolete. So Google is going to compromise. Do you want a modern smartphone with the latest version of Android, with an attractive price? Please, here’s a Nexus 4. Do you want the ultimate phone, next to which fade any competitors? Please, here’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. And again with the latest version of Android.

Immediately need to consider one more time. Samsung, after the Amazon and other vendors, spends a lot of strength and a lot of money for something to do over Android for themselves. Look at this video: most “features”, shown here, have a very indirect relation to the fact that it contains a “naked” green robot.

Therefore, an attempt to take people SG4 looks very logical. It is impossible to users Samsung – of c, for a moment, ten million copies perceived Korean smartphones in isolation from Google.

And what now, no updates?

In the web

long walk screenshots of various analytical programs, which is visible under the symbol build Android 4.3. Moreover, in the near future should be a new Bluetooth-stack. And where else would it appear, if not in the new OS? But it is clear that Google is looking for ways to avoid fragmentation, which has become a real scourge platform. And it may very well be that in the future most of the changes will be specific to the software component of the application, not the operating system itself.

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