Monday, May 13, 2013

"The most gaming" the OS will be Android - TVNZ

At the annual conference of I / O Google talk about the update Android. Apparently it should please gamers.

Despite the fact that the Android operating system is already considered one of the most attractive for gamers, one of the features of the platform remains a complex and decentralized system with applications. Where iOS makes too few options, Android has too many.

To solve this problem Google executives decided to deal with this problem by combining all the game features an axis within a single service Google Play Games. It will be stored in the cloud “saves” and communicate in Google+, without leaving the game. Many gamers have the liking and achievement system, which rears its special pop-up windows. No matter what game you play, all the achievements are stored in a single kitty.

Another upgrade will attract the attention of the players in multiplayer games: you can request buddies, inviting them to join the game. If you want to play with strangers, you can always find a volunteer in a special virtual lobby. Game systems like Steam from Valve, have long been working on similar principles. However, the system still Steam is a gaming and Google Play Games will be fully integrated into the global fabric of Google.

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