Monday, May 13, 2013

In 2013, Microsoft will work on Android 2.6 times more than Google -

Revenue from Microsoft

Android platform in 2013 to reach $ 3.4 billion, according to the publication Digital Trends. Analysts took as a basis the three figures – estimated shipments of Android-smartphone on the world market this year, 80% – it is such proportion of devices, according to Microsoft, it gets a royalty, and $ 8 – as the company gets from each device.

Given the growth in deliveries of Android-smartphone in the 2017 Microsoft may work with Android $ 8,8 billion, in case it will collect royalties on 75% of devices, or $ 5.9 billion – if a half.

According to IDC, in the IV quarter of 2012, Android took 70.1% of the global market in terms of supply. At the same time, the share of its own operating system Microsoft – Windows Phone – was 2.6%. Thus, even if a license to Windows Phone is more expensive (according to analysts – $ 15), the income from this platform are considerably fewer in comparison to Android.

Microsoft Licensing agreements have covered 80% of the Android market in quantitative terms, after signing a contract with Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer of electronics.

Previously, Microsoft reached a similar agreement with LG, HTC, Samsung and other companies. Among them have been a contract manufacturer, Compal Electronics, the agreement which was reached in October 2011

In 2013, Microsoft can make money on Android $  3400000000
In 2013, Microsoft can make money on Android $ 3,4 ????


analysts have argued that the licensing business brings Microsoft more than the sales of its own mobile platform, Windows Phone. However, the exact amount of revenue have not been submitted.

year ago with the Network has got an internal report, which disclosed the information about the number of Android makes and plans to make the corporation Google, which created this open platform. In 2009, the revenue of Google with Android amounted to only $ 16.8 million, and in 2013, the company expects to receive $ 1.3 billion, that is 2.6 times less than that, according to analysts, in 2013, platform will earn Microsoft.

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