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Why Apple is developing an application for Android - iPhone and iPad Ukraine - iPhone in Ukraine

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For those of us who enjoy devaysami running on different platforms – for example, on the popular iOS and Android – the concept of “cross-platform” is becoming more and more important. Who wants to download a new album favorite musical group on iPhone (especially if you have to download for the money) if it then you can not hear, for example, the tablet Nexus? Who likes to take the same levels in the game, if your achievements on a single gadget can not “migrate” to another?

Many software companies have already “entered” how important it is for the user to have access to their data, regardless of devaysa from which you are trying to reach them. A kind of loophole found, for example, Rovio – makers of the super popular Angry Birds. They add to their games will support Accounts Rovio, so that you can shoot a slingshot on the iPhone, keep their achievements in “a cloud”, and continue to “party” is already on Android-devices. Google, Microsoft, Amazon – and find their applications in the App Store, and Google Play. What about Apple? Why, for example, liked by many iTunes and iCloud still “friends” only with iOS-devices, while constantly growing popularity of Android?

Kernoya According to David (David Carnoy), a resource website CNET, iOS is the platform for software developers gold mine, because its users often pay for apps than owners of other devices in the system. That is why the creation of applications for the iPhone and iPad – their first concern. However, according to Kernoya, Google Play will not remain “in the red”, because in this store you can find exclusive applications that are compatible only with Android, or applications with a lot of features on Android, than iOS (for example, Google Now, Google Maps, Google Voice, etc.).

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«In contrast to the” author of his Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg (Walt Mossberg) asks the question: if the users agree to give hundreds or even thousands of dollars for purchases in App Store, but still attached to their device in view of the fact that These “buy” to earn on other platforms, why would Apple change anything? Do not fix it if is not broken.

way it is, but for how long we are “thou shalt bind” to gadgets Apple, if the platform-competitors offer much more freedom of action? David Carney admits that he himself is the owner of an iPhone, but less and less use of “native” applications Apple due to the fact that the data are not vospolzueshsya on other systems. It offers kupertinovtsy implement at least three of its applications on Android and argues why.

«iBooks: iBooks Store Shop has improved markedly over the years, but why limit yourself to reading e-books on devices Apple, if it can be avoided. Applications Kindle, Nook, Google Books and Kobo are available on multiple platforms, including iOS. Maybe, Apple did not particularly care about the market outlook of e-books, but I think it would help lure more people to join their ranks, whether an application library is available on different platforms. As they say in the Amazon: «Buy it once and enjoy all».

iTunes: In order to expand the range of iPhone and iPod, Apple created iTunes for Windows. So why not take up the Android-Soup, for example, Amazon, which is very progress in the services download music, movies, and broadcast video? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in an interview with the resource Slashdot: «I love Apple products and iTunes and would like to make the application on my Android-devayse.” (Note: you can now sync music from iTunes to Android-powered device through a third-party application).

iCloud: Theoretically, iCloud – a wonderful concept. But because of the limitations of his people around the world continue to use cloud storage such as Dropbox, which allow you to share photos, documents and contacts across different devices. Hopefully we will see improved in the new iCloud iOS 7 this year. But if Apple continue to expect that people will pay for the storage of large amounts of data in iCloud, it is necessary to make the service more “flexible».

With something of this we can agree with something there. At the expense of the latter iCloud, for example, absolutely agree with the need to multi-platform applications, but storage fee will be charged and Dropbox, so the question “pay – no pay?” For each user individually, based on its needs. In any case, the creation of a “iPrilozheny” for different platforms – a very far-sighted decision. Even if a person buys Android-device, but it is available on the app Apple, he potentially becomes “apple” by the user, so the company is not being left behind.

Well, to develop iTunes for Windows RT kupertinovtsy refused, although due to the unpopularity of the OS cause of the failure is understandable. But “friendship apple software” with Android ecosystem promises abundant promise.

What do you say, it’s time to migrate to Apple software somewhere on the system of a competitor, and what would be “apple” of the application you want to use on your Android-devayse?

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