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What Lies Google: new Android, a platform game, smartphone X Phone - BBC News

Tomorrow, May 15, kicks off the annual conference Google I / O. From the search engine hopes that through this event will be shown a number of interesting new products, from mobile operating system Android 5.0 (or 4.3) and Babel to the mysterious messenger smartphone Motorola X Phone and the new tablet Nexus 7. Collection of rumors that go around the event, were Vesti.Haytek.

For reference: I / O – is an annual conference for developers that Google holds since 2008. By tradition, it runs for two to three days of the exhibition complex Moscone Center in San Francisco. On the I / O discusses the technical features of creating applications for Android, the new functions of the browser and OS Chrome, Google API, WebToolkit, App Engine, open web technologies, and much more.

Like the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which holds in June Apple, I / O serves as a platform for the announcement of new products and applications that need to see the light in the second half of the year. In 2012, we recall, the company showed the Android version 4.1, numerous software updates, including the off-line version of the maps and Google Docs, its first 7-inch Nexus tablet with a 4-core processor, a spherical media player Nexus Q (albeit in a broad sell it so and did not) as well as “smart” glasses Google Glass.

Register for I / O began March 13. This year, the company has set a new condition, which requires all participants to have an account in the social network Google+ and electronic purse Wallet. Despite this, the 5000 ticket price of $ 900 each sold out in 49 minutes (by the way, skip to the “apple” WWDC 2013 cost 1,600 dollars each flew for 2 minutes). Also, Google will hold a free “live” broadcast of the opening ceremony of I / O (this year it will last as much as 3 hours), and other key presentations.

fifth version of Android
Almost with full confidence we can say that the focus of I / O will be centered around a major new version of Android. It will be named Key Lime Pie (or “key lime pie”) and will be distributed under the number 5.0, or 4.3.

platform game Play Games
integral part of the new firmware will be Play Games – in fact, the social network game with multiplayer support, tables, glasses and achievements. First reported the existence of the platform Android Police blog in late April, having carefully studied appeared in Google Play APK-file MyGlass for “smart” glasses. The program code gives reason to believe that gamers will be able to receive an invitation, send the results to Google+, go into “rooms” and communicate with each other.

Some time later, Android Police received at the disposal of another APK-file – Play Services, – which has found some new features Play Games, elements of design applications, screenshots settings. In particular, it became known that the users will be able to synchronize your saved games across multiple devices through the “cloud.” According to journalists, the announcement of “Game Center” for Android will be the first day of I / O.

Chat Babel
They predict that another new staff application in the Key Lime Pie will krossplatfomernny messenger Babel (another version of the name – Babble). It will bring together all the disparate Google services for messaging, such as Google Talk, Google Voice, Chat, or “Hangouts” Google+, and perhaps post Gmail. Set Babel can not only Android, but also on computers, iOS, Chrome OS, and other gadgets.

Innovation touch and many other programs, including maps Google Maps (they promise a minimalistic interface with icons redrawn) and Google Play catalog with a lightweight design.

“Desktop” Google Now
Also on the I / O company can please the release of “computer” version of the assistant Google Now, which provides advice and recommendations based on location, search history, calendar entries, and other data. Now there is only an assistant on Android-powered devices. “Desktop” Google Now will replace the personalized home page, iGoogle, which will close on November 1.

Purse Wallet
In November of last year have been rumors that Google will launch production of plastic cards, synchronized with the payment system Google Wallet. They can pay in shops, taxis, supermarkets and other places where no NFC-mounted terminals. Externally card will not be different from the usual credit cards.

CEO Larry Page wanted to show the first credit card in the Google I / O, but the other day, reportedly changed his plans because was dissatisfied with the preliminary test card. According to sources, AllThingsD, a conference will be told about the new feature of the software Wallet (coupons, points loyalty program customers), but the release of most credit card has been postponed indefinitely.

Smartphone X Phone
first smartphone-equipped Android 5.0, the smartphone can be a secret X Phone, which Google is creating a partnership with his “daughter” Motorola. He promised to display protected by durable sapphire crystal, 800 quad-core Snapdragon processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz and a very capacious battery on 4000 mA * h However, they say that the machine does not show on the I / O, and a little later.

On the new Motorola products themselves and told top managers, but did not go into details. CEO of Google, Larry Page, for example, mentioned that the “tubes” are very reliable, and hinted at a long battery life. Lead designer Jim Wicks, Motorola, in turn, declared a convenient form factor and a very large screen, and set “standard” version of Android.

Recharge line Nexus
Another announcement of Google in the “iron” may become a new model of the 7-inch tablet Nexus with narrower frames around the display and high-resolution (1920×1200, 323 pixels per inch). KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo believes that the novelty will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 800, a 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi modules and NFC, as well as the battery capacity of 4000 mAh for wireless charging. The new Nexus 7 may come in July. In this improved performance in its price will not affect (now – $ 199 in the U.S.).

also have information about the announcement of the 11-inch Nexus tablet production Samsung, but the chance of this is small. As for the new Nexus-smartphone, it is unlikely to show. It is more likely that Google will be limited to upgrade Nexus 4 by expanding the internal memory up to 32 GB (the current model is limited to 16 gigabytes) and the inclusion of support for LTE networks and CDMA.

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