Friday, May 10, 2013

Microsoft wants to buy a $ 1 billion a major producer of Android-plates -

According to corporate documents, find themselves at the disposal of the publication publisher TechCrunch, Microsoft plans to buy for $ 1 billion at the Barnes & Noble rest his stake in their joint venture Nook Media.

retailer Barnes & Noble is one of the largest U.S. online trading platforms for content and consumer goods with revenues in 2012 were $ 7.1 billion (the total revenue of all the units in the Amazon in 2012 – $ 61 billion).

In addition, Barnes & Noble is known for its Android-tablets and readers Nook, focused on the consumption of content sold in the shop of the company, which is engaged in production now Nook Media.

Nook Media was spun off from Barnes & Noble as a separate company in October 2012, when 16.8% of the units were purchased by Microsoft for $ 300 million One of the goals of the partnership was to provide content for Barnes & Noble preparing for the emergence of tablets on Windows 8. Then head Nook Media Jamie Iannone (Jamie Iannone) said that “Everything that is produced under the brand Nook, devices, software and content – all relates to the Nook Media».

addition to producing tablets and readers Nook Media has been producing electronic books, including textbooks. According to TechCrunch cited information on acquisition, Microsoft will be able to choose the most attractive units Nook Media, which include, in particular, the company’s production of textbooks.

Nook occupies 10% of the U.S. market of Android-plates, but lately not sell

unit that produces readers and tablets Nook, most likely will go to Barnes & Noble, which, however, can not rely on the long-term continuation of the release tablets Nook.

The documents referenced by TechCrunch, there is an indication that the Nook Media plans to stop production of its Android-plates Nook by the end of fiscal year 2014 and completely on the model of content distribution through the application of “outside” devices.

from the documents it is not clear whether the means by “the tablet” devices Microsoft, running Windows 8 devices from other manufacturers, including supporting competing platforms, or both, and others.

has sold more than 10 million tablets and e-readers Nook, number of active users more than 7 million Nook app is available on all major platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. According to Localytics, in January 2013 Nook took the second place in the market of Android-plates with the U.S. share of 10%, significantly lagging behind the Android Kindle (33%) and slightly ahead of Samsung and Google Nexus (9% and 8%, respectively).

Despite this, the financial success of Nook division in 2013 are relatively modest. New models of tablets for several weeks are sold at a discount, says TechCrunch: so, the price of the flagship 10-inch Nook HD + dropped from $ 269 to $ 179 – to the price at which Amazon offers its Kindle HD.

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