Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nokia may start producing smartphones on Android - The Russian Newspaper


Nokia fewer believe in the effectiveness of working together Nokia and Microsoft, the expressing dissatisfaction with its results, writes Reuters.

According to the agency, in the course of the next meeting of shareholders president of Nokia Stephen Elop confirmed that the company has no “plan B”, and the Lumia line of smartphones will continue to be supplied with the installed operating system on their Windows Phone. “That’s what we are going to compete with Samsung and Android”, – said Elop.

At the same time, the shareholders themselves did not share the optimism of the head of the Finnish company, and expressed doubt that such a union will show its competitiveness. “You’re a good guy, and your team is doing its best, but this is not enough – said Stephen Elop Hannu Virtanen, one of the shareholders. – Good intentions pave the road to hell. Please choose a different path”.

Third-party analysts also believe that Elop his statement “closed door” for new opportunities and new ideas. So, Juha Varis, manager of Danke Capital, told Reuters, that the way to Nokia may be working with Google translate and smartphones on Android. At the same time, he acknowledged that it “may be painful”.

Currently, Nokia’s share of the smartphone market is about 5 percent. In the first quarter, sales of Lumia devices of 5.6 million units, 1.2 million more than in the previous quarter.

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