Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dell is preparing the cheapest PC on Android -

If the developers of Dell not skipped classes in English literature, they would know exactly what a character named Ophelia in his work “Hamlet” by William, our, Shakespeare did not live up to the curtain. Ophelia died while not fully clarified the circumstances. In this scene the description of Ophelia’s death is considered one of the most poetic in English literature. Overall – it’s almost a meme. And so, in the name of Dell called “Ophelia” and the new, as they say, a promising project – Project Ophelia. Outwardly, it looks like a USB-storage gadget, but instead of the USB connector had HDMI. With this device can be connected to the corresponding port of the monitor, TV or projector into something akin to a terminal or thin client.

first demonstration of new items, reportedly was at the January 2013 CES. The next show will be held in the new week at Citrix Synergy conference in Los Angeles. The company promises to show the operation of the device at a 19-inch monitor and a 55-inch TV. Supply mini-PC will start in July. The question price – $ 100.

first “Ophelia” will receive the developers. “Computer” is running Google Android. The task of programmers – to fill the project interesting programs. In August, the device will be available in the service package of cable operators, obviously – American. Already there are TVs with built-in platform for Android. For those who have a good TV set without the ARM-processor and Android, gadget buying Dell decides the issue of modernizing the TV. Finally, the fall of the PC “Project Ophelia” will be available to all who wish to purchase from the site Dell. As part of this program, the company expects to turn the gadget into a kind of gaming console on the Android (yeah, another one).

to the network and to the periphery of a miniature PC on Android can be connected via wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In Dell promises to support “Ophelia” their cloud services Dell Wyse PocketCloud. In addition you can watch streaming video from Google Play or using services Hulu and Netflix.

In the case of new items in the corporate sector, the company promises advanced features for remote administration, “Ophelia.” The administrator will know exactly where there is a thin client that it can do and remotely delete data in case of loss of the gadget. Since the price of the device in the United States exceeds $ 100, the company believes the novelty as a good alternative to tablets and traditional thin clients.

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