Monday, May 20, 2013

New Android Studio development environment is based on the Russian project -

Google is at the conference Google I / O presented its own integrated development environment Java-application for Android called Android Studio. This environment is based on an open platform IntelliJ IDEA, which was developed by the St. Petersburg company JetBrains.

So far, Google has not had its own IDE (Integrated Development Environment – IDE), with which developers can write to Android-application. Therefore, they used other available media. The most popular are: Eclipse, free environment, supported by the organization of Eclipse Foundation; free, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA.

NetBeans IDE was opened by Sun Microsystems in 2000, after the company acquired Sun Microsystems Oracle, which is the sponsor of the medium at the moment. Finally, IntelliJ IDEA – is the brainchild of Russian programmers, the company JetBrains. Development of the platform is carried out since 2001, and in 2009 the company released the public version of the platform (IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition).

According to the JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA Wednesday a better understanding of the context and allows you to develop applications faster and easier than in other environments. IntelliJ IDEA indexes the entire project analyzes all that it contains, and builds a syntax tree. Because of this, at any time, no matter where the developer placed the cursor, the environment knows where he is, and what you can do at this point with the code.

example, IntelliJ IDEA can automatically complete the expression that a developer starts or continues to grow in the middle. Environment includes tools for testing application compatibility with different versions of the editor and the graphical user interface.

The development environment IntelliJ IDEA
development environment IntelliJ IDEA

«We are pleased that such a well known company like Google, recognized the quality of the platform and decided to create their own development environment that is based on it,” – commented the representative JetBrains Tatiana Grin . “We are confident that the new high-quality IDE to attract thousands of new Android platform developers,” – she added.

Editor GUI in IntelliJ IDEA

The company believes that the environment IntelliJ IDEA has attracted Google thanks to the wide functionality, openness, and high estimates of the community. “Developers Google invited us to collaborate in the work on Android Studio. We gladly accepted the invitation, “- said in a company blog.

is currently available in a preliminary version of Android Studio, release is expected in late 2013 Download the preview version of Android Studio can be on the official site. JetBrains Company intends to continue the development of the project and keep it open and free.

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