Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bill Gates is unhappy with the iPad and tablets for Android - Computerra - Computerra-Online

Author: Mikhail Karpov May 7, 2013

Unlike Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, the former head of Microsoft, rarely makes any representation not related to charity, of which he has been lately. But this time, Gates decided to again go through the iPad, as well as to declare that tablets based on Windows better.

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During his speech, Gates on CNBC he was asked to give its opinion on the declining PC market. He said that the tablets are gaining popularity and soon it will be difficult to distinguish from the tablet PC. According to him, Microsoft Surface tablet combines the “portability and the possibility of a full-fledged tablet PC».

He also said that the iPad and “the like” (apparently meaning the tablets based on Android) annoy a large number of users. “They can not print, can not create documents, they do not have Microsoft Office», – said Gates.

However until that iOS and Android tablet market share nearly in half, but the Microsoft OS is on it is very modest place.

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