Sunday, May 12, 2013

Became known details about the game service in Android - SHAKHTINSKAYA news

media have new evidence that in the future Google will integrate with the operating system Android service for fans of mobile gaming.

details about the service found the blog Android Police, studied the new version (v3.1.36) platform “Services Google Play”. This component of Android, which controls settings and interact with applications. The new version contains references to the game service, even though he had not yet been officially presented.

was found, first, that the service will send a copy of the saved user games in the “cloud.” Copies will be synchronized between different devices on Android. Therefore, when you start playing on your phone and save it, the user will be able to continue to play on the tablet from the very place where he was staying.

Second, the service will be integrated with the social network Google+ – through her, in particular, users will be able to send invitations to their friends in the game.

In addition, the service, the existence of which became known in mid-April, will add to the Android multiplayer mode (Multiplayer), leaderboards and achievements, in-game chat between players and other “gamer” function.

is expected that Google will introduce service to the annual conference of the I / O for developers, which will take place in 2013, from 15 to 17 May. It is possible that in the I / O show as a new model of tablet Nexus 7.

Special services for fans of the game are already available in other mobile operating systems – it’s Game Center in iOS? appeared in 2010, and the Games Hub in Windows Phone (it is in the system since its release in 2010).

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