Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yesterday, Russia walked Android and Windows operating system became №1 – Roem.ru (Registration) (Blog)

The Twitter wrote that the total share of Windows has dropped below the share of Android:

 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 17.00.53_cr

Here , of course , depending on how you count. On the monthly chart the total share of Microsoft fell below Android in November:


In October 2015 « Yandex “has announced that Microsoft integrates the search for « Yandex” in Windows 10 in exchange for advertising the new OS. That is, the two companies , are equally affected by Google , of the search market and the market of operating systems , have joined forces.

Typically , devices on Android , set to search Google. This « Yandex” pleaded with the Americans most of 2015. Domestic search engine fought for the right preset for electronics for Android alternative set of search and applications , such as his. “Yandex” won the trial in the Russian FAS , but before the actual change of applications and Google search application « Yandex” the case has not yet reached.

Google went to court , instead of clearing the roads on Yandex Android → Roem.ru


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