Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rumors: The creator of Android smartphones will develop – Mail.Ru

The man who created the most popular mobile operating system in the world, began to select personnel for the new company, which will create the smartphone, the source said. He did not specify whether the Ruby to run the company, or just form a team of specialists.

The newly-formed company will receive funds from the incubator, which created Rubin last year, suggested the publication. Fund to support young projects accumulated about $ 300 million since the start, so that co-founder of Android has enough funds to finance the venture.

What was before

The search giant bought Android in 2005, when Andy Rubin presented the platform as a “decision to open source for mobile phones.” It was on this project he worked until March 2013, that is most of the time their work in Google.

Ruby began work on robotics in Google after leaving the post of head of Android, and in late 2014 year left the company finally to launch its own incubator young project, which is developing in the field of hardware technology.


Android Market in the middle and lower price segments has no shortage of players: Last actively exploring the Chinese, for example, Xiaomi, and in between 200-400 dollars per unit has OnePlus, Nextbit and many other companies. Rubin is to focus on the premium segment, to improve their chances of success, believes edition.


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