Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Alfa-Bank announced financial assistant Sense for Android – Ferra

The developers of the team’s Alfa Bank said the two news about his mobile financial assistant Alfa-Sense. As usual, a good news, and the other – not very. First the developers have decided on the date of the start public testing applications for the mobile platform Android.

The beta version of the Alfa-Sense for Android to be presented February 18, 2016 in forum FinNex. Until testing is done on employees ‘Alfa Lab’. Secondly, access to testing Sense for iOS is now available by invitation only, which must ask the members of the first wave. Three, invite to appear for users with experience of more than 4 weeks.

Recall Alfa Bank in October 2015 began testing mobile financial assistant Alfa-Sense. Currently available version of iOS applications in App Store.

Alfa-Sense user is able to predict the dates of the operation and facilitate their commission. In particular, it is able to be reminded of such payments as a payment on a loan or credit card, and it reports traffic police fines and bills for utilities, reducing the account balance of mobile phone and so on. If you take a picture or a fine utilities payment order, the application will store the data required for payment. Also Alfa-Sense helps to keep track of costs and expenses, transfer money to a number from the contacts list, and so on.


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